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Finding Lat/long

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You might want to look Here. There is a zip file which contains a text file with all UK postcodes with their OSGB & Long/Lat coordinates. I found it when I was looking for a way of converting postcode to GPS coords. HTH


PS: There is a similar file for America but I can't seem to find it. I have it on my PC at home but unfortunately that machine is really, really sick and I don't know how to fix it yet. :ph34r::D

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That postcode file only uses the first part of the postcode, which will generally put you in the right part of town, but if you're looking for a road, you need the second half of the code aswell.


It's a nice site though. I particularly like his 'kitecam', and sympathise with him, having recently broken a digital camera myself (but that'll teach me not to let a 4 year old get hold of it)

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