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I like Ambrosia's valentine one (I had a cat that looked just like Sylvester).


Whoo hoo! He likes my avatar!


Needless to say, it wasn't the one I had when I first posted to this thread, and it probably won't be the same one in a day or two. :D


You know, I hate change. Once it's there, it's there, in my opinion. The only two places where I differ in that (in a hugely ADDHD way) is in my background screen and my avatar. Constantly changing. :ph34r:

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A friend on Clayjar's chat, BRDAD, created mine for me - he said it represented my online personality - and he's right!


I think it represents me in real life pretty well too!


I immediately adopted it and use it for all things geocaching.


Thanx 'dad!


I enjoy Alabama Rambler's avatar. A little Southern heritage mixed in with geocaching.

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