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Etiquette When Muggles Are Around


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Personally, I'm 31 years old and the Harry Potter books and movies are of no interest to me so I had no clue the word came from there.

Just wanted to point out that there are many fans of Harry Potter who are adults... In fact most of the people I know that are fans are actually 30 or over.


Also wanted to say that I had to look up the word "naff." :D

Never heard that one before...

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what is the issue other than your issues? muggles, smuggles, it just means someone who might steal or destroy the cache thru spite, ignorance, mean-ness, unfamiliarity with the sport, etc. it also means (to me)a probably good person who has not be initiated to geocaching. where is the offense other than in the personal interpretation of the word that you are trying to lay on me? i like it. it is less than profane. and kind of cute, harry potter be darned. :D

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I find it very "interesting" that some people want to be "language police" for everyone else. Get a grip people! Muggle is a made up word by a fiction writer who spins tales of immagination and adventure. Perhaps one reason many involved in geocaching have adopted the term is because geocaching often feels like technological magic--using unseen forces to find hidden "treasures" once you have learned the "secrets" and they associate this feeling with fanciful tales of magic. Leave them alone and let them enjoy themselves! Life is short--get one! You do it your way, they do it theirs and we all respect each other's right to be different. As long as nobody is being mean or vulgar it is ok by me. Have to leave now. I need to make a sacrafice of some virgin batteries to the gps gods.

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For covering my activities in urban settings, I have used the old "talking on the cell phone" trick. obnoxious, perhaps, but non-suspicious.


As for "muggles," I cringed when I first realized it was a part of the caching culture, but assumed I'd have to roll with it since it was obviously an established term. Now that I know others dislike it, maybe I'll desist in its use.



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By the way,, what's wrong with the term "muggle"?

It's sad, geeky and suggests that the person using it has to resort to reading children's books because they're not quite advanced enough to progress to non-chewable reading material quite yet?



Hmmm. I have about 1500 books in my library. 80% SF/F, Heinlien, Bear, Foster, Asimov, Lackey, Moon, Chandler, Weber, Drake, etc, but it also includes Mark Twiain, Sir Conal Doyle, Homer, St. Thomas Aquinas, Ayn Rand, etc.


I also grab each one of my daughter's Harry Potter books as soon as she's done. And I rarely chew on any of the pages.

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Thanks for the responses! I appreciate all the input. Hope someone else got something out of this as well. I like the term muggles and will use it freely and abundtly with no mailce intended or implied. Where would a person get a hold of those cards introducing muggles to geocaching? Might be better than looking suspicious.



Noticed that noone had answered the question on the forum yet so here is the info.


check this link for the business cards. There is also another brochure.


My wife has talked with some friends when they ask about hobbies.

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on those urban caches or benchmarks where you know you are likely to encounter muggles, I like to carry a clipboard, the gps (camera sometimes). walking around with a clipboard and looking like a utility contractor or county auditor, people won't usually give you a second look.


just waiting for the one time to go out with work boots, hardhat and reflective vest...hmmmmm i just might do that on the next mass benchmark hunt! if i could only get the metal detector!!!



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Say hey, you were a "muggle" once, eh? While stealth is part of the game, this same stealth is part of the appeal of the game, even to "muggles" like you, yourself, once were! I have found, many times, that the people who were genuinely curious about what the heck I was doing ... quickly joined the sport. Just as I myself did. Just as you did! :lostsignal:


"Stealth and secrecy" are .. part of the fun. But there is always "room for one more." You should do all that you can to promote the sport and to encourage and assist others to "acquire the obsession." :D Just as you did.

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