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Ontario Geocaching Association Website Back Online

OGA - Admin
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Hello All


I am happy to announce that the OGA Website is back up and running.


This is a semi-complete effort and a lot of thanks goes to Lugnuts for helping us out to get us back as a visible entity to the Geocaching Community.


In the near future some content will be edited and more added.


Thanks to all those were patient with us during the time the site was inactive.


Please understand that we are still developing this site and much of the content is still in the draft stage.



OGA - Admin admin@ontgeocaching.com

OGA Website

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Hi all,

Great web site and glad to see it up and runnign again. i was just wondering if we have any representation in the Brock region at all? I'm up here in Beaverton and was wondering if anyone was a Rep for up here or if this area had their own regional website??


Just passing thru to say Hi and good job on the web site!!




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Jayloki - We are soon to be looking for representatives for every Geographical Area of Ontario. We used to call those areas "Municipalities" but it seems that the Ontario Government is using Geographical Areas now as of 2001.


Anyways, I will be sure to send a note to Logger and Trail - our Regional Manager to see what his status is.


I know that many people had previously signed up, and some for more than one region. Those people will be contacted very soon, and people with more than one area will be asked to handle just one.


Geofellas - Oops, well the K and the L are beside each other on the keyboard, I'll request that typo fixed right away.


Rogue Monkey - The Privacy Statement is completed to Verison 1, dated 06 Feb 2005 and the link will be fixed right away too.


:rolleyes: The Blue Quasar (OGA - Admin)


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We are still in the very early stages of the sites developement, so far I think it looks pretty good. I think LugNuts, Annie, and BQ along with the rest of the OGA team deserve a big pat on the back for getting us back online... The Cache buddy program is well underway and should be up and running in the next few weeks.


I will be contacting all of those who expressed interest in representing their area as the OGA rep so that we can start putting together some comprehensive caching info for Ontario cachers. With your help I think we can make the site a great place to find out what is happening on the Ontario caching scene.


Happy Caching!



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