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One Million!!!

El Diablo

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Could it be me?


edit: so how can we tell which post it was? I saw we were at 997 posted and saw SF1's post hit before me. I went back to main page and we're at 1M. Which one of you whizzes can figure out which post it is?

edit part 2-and I still manage to keep my find count greater than my post count! ;) not that the numbers really matter :D

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Does that make the next post the first of the new millioninnium? :D

Hey wimseguy,

My post has the hanging chad , I demand a recount! ;)

I’m not sure how we can decide this.

Being your post came behind mine, I posted and went to the stat page and it showed 1,000,000 .

It’s not to say it couldn’t have been your post that was there!

It might even be one of those guys down under, in the OT section.


No, I don’t concede, at least not yet!

Anyway, it was a nice clean race!

SF1 :D

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For what it's worth. I am only an impartial observer. I do not have a direct link to the server.


I only took notice of the Post Count section this weekend, and decided it would be worthwile to document post #1,000,000. My intention was to observe silently, without fanfare. But, El Diablo kind of threw a monkey wrench into that plan.


At 999,990 posts I MARKED ALL POSTS AS READ.


I tapped on the F5 Key (Refresh) at regular intervals.


When 1,000,000 rolled into view I selected "VIEW NEW POSTS".


wimseyguy was on top of the stack with his "Could it be me?" post.


That's the best I could do. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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One million posts!


That's incredible. Look how far this game has come, how far this site has!


I liked this site when I first saw it, one-and-a-half years and 1003 caches ago, and still think it's the best site and the best thing that could happen to the game of geocaching!


Kudus to everyone who has worked to make this place what it is!



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