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Travel Bugs In Pocket Quesries?


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I maintain a GSAK database of caches in a fairly large area, to use when going on vacation or a work-related trip. When I look up a cache page off-line, sometimes there is a note a TB is in the cache. I like TB's, so I go out and find the cache. I take the TB, but only to find out when logging it that it has to stay in a particular area/country/whatever and I (ofcourse...) did the wrong thing.


Is it possible to get the decription of the TB in a Pocket Query? Or a way to query for TB's seperately (using one of the five queries a day and 20 total)? Logs are not that important to me for this use... only the goal of the TB.


If it is not currently possible (this is what I expect), I would suggest that a PQ with a TB in it automagically gets an extra field per TB present, with the description of the TB. The GPX file format is quite flexible, so this should not be the biggest problem. :) And any GPX enabled aplication (like GSAK) can pick up the extra fields and display the description(s).


This would not require extra queries or query options and looks not all that difficult to add (but boy could I be wrong here! :)) Just an extra iteration per cache where TB's are present, to fetch the TB description per TB present. :blink:

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