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Garmin 60cs Or 76cs?


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Alright guys,

at first i wanted a garmin 60cs and then after awhile was just starting to look into the garmin76cs. Right now there is tons of talk about the 60cs but hardly anything about the 76cs. Doesnt the 76 do what the 60 does but with much more memory. Is there anyone in here who has owned or played with either of these units who can tell me which model you would recommend or prefer. Is there anything the 76cs does that the 60sc doesnt do besides hold more memory? I would like to use this unit for hunting, fishing and hiking.

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Is there anything the 76cs does that the 60sc doesnt do besides hold more memory?

The 76c/cs has a better basemap (13 MB of memory vs. only 8 MB for the 60c/cs).

And of course the physical design of the case is different; bulkier so it floats higher in water than the 60c/cs, buttons on top rather than under the screen.

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I was debating between the 76cs and 60cs and i'm glad I got the 60cs. For me floating isn't a concern... the basemap for me wasn't a concern either.. mainly because i'm getting better software.. the memory thing isn't a big deal either.. mainly because i'm going to be in the western us... so i really don't need the whole usa on the gps.. i really like the feel of the 60cs.. it's really easy to navigate the buttons even with gloves on...I think if you get the 60 you'll be glad you did.. :)

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This is what I always suggest.


Go to a local store (I went to a Galyans) and hold them both. I own a 76c because I wanted the extra memory and better basemap. I am glad I own it over a 60c because I like the button layout on top -- I find it easier in the car. But to each his/her own.


Go look at both and see. The bulky-factor difference was minimal to me and therefore I went with the 76c. Also search in these forums -- there are plenty of threads on this topic.


Good luck,



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I also had to decide between the 60cs and the 76cs. I went with the 60cs and haven't been disappointed. I use it mostly for hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and boating. I looked at both units when trying to decide and the 76 was just a bit large for me. The 60cs fits very nicely in my shirt pocket. I haven't had a problem for lack of memory and at present have a very, very large portion of the state of Alaska loaded along with the tide point transparency. However, I also agree with TheHFamily. Go to the store and hold them both.

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There are lots of 76C and 76CS owners around here. Many of them post questions in forum threads that happened to be labled 60C or 60CS, since the firmware and button lables are identicle. I know reading threads, it looks like everyone and their brother has a 60CS, but it isn't nearly as lop-sided as it looks.


Let's see. Peter covered memory, basemap, size, floats, button placement, and "look and feel." I think that's everything. Since most people end up getting City Select or Topo (or both) the base map isn't too much of an issue. I think it comes down to more memory vs. look and feel. Would you rather carry around a graphing calculator or a Russet potato?

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I went with the 76CS, and have been happy with it. I looked at the 60CS but when push came to shove I went with the 76CS. So many times when trying to choose between different products I go with the cheaper and regret it. Seems there is something the more expensive item will do that I wish I had. But that being as it may, the main difference between the two is memory. Working with the 76CS I don't believe there would be any problem with the memory the 60CS has. Just my 2 cents.


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I chose the 76 for the better basemap and greater memory. As for buttons and gloves, it is certainly no worse than the 60. In fact, I would think it is BETTER since you can grasp the unit very securely while manipulating the buttons with your thumb. The G45, II, III, III+ and V have all been designed this way (buttons above the scrn) and I think it is ergonomically a much better design than with buttons on the bottom. The problem is that it looks strange, so people think that it isn't as ergonomic as the more aesthetically pleasing 60.


As for ease-of-carry, the 60 and 76 are about the same height...the difference being that the 60 is narrower near the top. But if you can fit the 60 in your pocket, chances are than the 76 will fit as well.


I'll definitely admit that the 60 looks nicer, though. However, I couldn't pass up having twice the memory.


BTW, when I bought my 76, it cost the same or a bit less than the 60 due to a rebate offer which has since passed.





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...a rebate offer which has since passed.


There is a rebate on now (starting 3/1). You can get the form at the Garmin web site.


I just ordered a 76CS (delivery 3/11) because of the additional memory and the better base map since I enjoy long trips on my vacations. The last trip was 7000 miles, and I did that with just the base map on my ancient GPS III, so with this unit, a trip like that should be a breeze. :rolleyes:

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