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Cache Name Convention

Kitty Hawk

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I notice that some caches have the county or area mentioned in brackets after the name.


This is very helpful when looking through the 'new cache list' page as it saves looking into non local ones - I'm in Southampton, I'm not so worried about caches in the Lake District, I'm sure the reverse is also true - and especially for cachers on dial up.


I can't see any other reason to do this, but I can't see any reason not to.



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I've always wondered why TPTB have not provided the facility on the site. In the US and Canada the site is configured to have you specify the state, province or territory - even Belgium has this facility for heavens sake. Maybe the UK decided it wasn't wanted. So, in the absence of a website provided feature I guess relying on cache owners to do it is the best that can be expected.


Note to self: change name of Colley Yews :)

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Certain countries have a greater identification of counties than others. For example, in Ireland, when asked where people are from, they always say their county. In England I found that people don't do that as much, they say the name of their town, and when met by a puzzled expression, say the nearest large city. Other countries don't go by counties at all. I guess it's useful to a degree, but need not be mandatory.


Also, in Britain, the counties are changed from time to time (like Avon, for example), so opinions may differ.

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What do I put on my Three shires head cache :)B)


Tri-County Cache (Staffordshire,Cheshire and Derbyshire) B)

If we're were being picky I'd have to say it was in Staffordshire. It'd be a bit wet if it was in all three counties.




Some people just get it plain wrong as well. This cache is in Staffordshire, even though it thinks it's in Cheshire.



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Mine (Tri-County) is really in Staffordshire :) I should have made it a multi really, but I was new to caching way back in 2003 B)

There are actually some pretty decent hiding places right near the confluence of the two river tributaries (the actual place where the three counties meet) which would be sufficient for a bigger cache.

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