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40 Uk Caches Still To Be Ftf


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The longest unfound cache in Ireland (and Great Britain) is Points West, off the coast of Galway. In May, it will have been unfound for 4 years.


Frustratingly, it's only an hour's drive away. The key is finding someone with a boat <_<


But if anybody wants to come over and give it a whack, let me know! :blink:



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You can knock one off the list, logged my first FTF yesterday :o


It was GCMNKR belonging to Stonefisk.


Had begun to think that living in Wiltshire I had no chance of getting a FTF, what with the RTB's et al about, so glad to get this one.


Took a couple of days off work to use up my annual leave and managed 14 caches over the two days <_<

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Very easy to find with one small proviso, it is on an island just south of Emsworth. requires a journey of about 1/2 mile so quite a swim!!! although I believe you can get to it at low tide, though the coastguard recently rescued some children from the mud about here so I wouldn't recommend that method of transit.


Name: Cold and Windy - GCKT22 never found since 11 Oct 04


give that one a miss for a while


Placed by Inveralmond CH School group (and maintained by a local contact)


Name: Inveralmond CH School box - GCJVHA never found since 29 June 04


I feel a bit sorry for the kids


Oronsay is connected to Colonsay at low tide. You have 2 hours either side of low tide to get there and back . There is no accommodation on Oronsay so if you miss the tide you'll have to hang out there till the next one.


Name: Gateway to Paradise - GCJW8R never found since 2 July 2004 along with another by 'cool-keys'


Paradise ? ummm ?? and its a micro!


Anyway less than 40 await their FTF now and many of those are recent

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BTW, as the cache hider has not logged in since 2002, do we think the cache will still be there?

Given the facts that:

(1) The sea comes right over the lighthouse island, during Atlantic storms.

(2) There is an Atlantic storm every second Tuesday, when there's an "R" in the month. And even when there isn't.

(3) The page mentions a tupperware box. It does not mention the box being protected by a frame of steel girders, bolted to solid concrete.

(4) It is a strong possibility that there never was a cache there in the first place.


... your guess is as good as mine. :)

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BTW, as the cache hider has not logged in since 2002, do we think the cache will still be there? No danger of muggles but the silkies and kelpies may well have got it!

Slight technicality here which only I could know... :)


"Asterix" is no longer geocaching and lives in Australia. His father is "Obelix", who lives in the area and technically maintains the cache....


How-and-ever, Obelix is no longer active either and several of his caches have fallen into disrepair. As wlw said, the ocean has probably made off with the box by now, but until somebody physically goes there we just won't know. B)

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My cache which I placed last October has still yet to be found, and it is within a mile of the busy little town of Emsworth!!!

Sometimes I wonder where the spirit of adventure has gone. :huh:  :tired:  :rolleyes:

Oddly enough I was looking at this one over the weekend, and wondering "Where can I lay my hands on a Hovercraft?"

hmmm - used to live in emsworth AND go canoeing in the sea and other watery places....its been a long time since i've been back....

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