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Magellan Meridian - Operation Questions

Guest HeroJay

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Guest HeroJay

Hi Everyone!

My wife and I tried our first find today...unfortunately no luck. But I had just got my GPS (my big excuse lol), am fumbling around and decided it would be better to try some experts (all of you)!

I have read the manual (a few times...guess I'm dense), have d/l easy GPS which is really kewl!

To the point - I have 4 Waypoints loaded, again I have a Magellan Meridian, and it shows the icons for the 4 and on one, I guess "track", or black line, to one of them. I assume this is the "active" waypoint?! I mean, how do I control which waypoint is active?


I have lots of questions and have been reading the other posts to try and find answers.


If anyone can help with a Meridian I would appreciate it. Just need to be told onece or twice and then I'll get the hang of it.



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Welcome aboard!! The Meridian is a great unit and very easy to use. I'm sure you have done it but just in case, here is the sequence.


Press the GOTO button. When the menu shows up USER will be highlighted. Press ENTER. Use the arrow keys to highlight the waypoint you want to find and press ENTER again. That's all there is to it.


Happy Caching;



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Guest HeroJay

Hi Ranz:




Yes, i know how to do the GO TO but if I have say, 4 in the USER database, one of them is active. If I choose a different GO TO, it asks replace the current GOTO and I say yes, and it deletes the one that was active.


I hope I explained that correctly. First, am I operating it correctly and should it delete the GO TO that was active?



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It won't delete the waypoint, it only replaces it as the active waypoint. When you set the GOTO a line indicates the difference between where you are, and where you want to go. If you want multiple GOTOs active at the same time, just build a route. Add each waypoint to the route and then activate the route. Not really practical for Geocaching though unless you are planning a route to a cache. A route guides you from point to point to a final destination.


I hope this makes sense. I may not understand the question correctly. If so, hit me again and I'll give it another try.



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Guest HeroJay

Perfectly understood on this side.


I appreciate it.


Now, I'll practice a little bit and get back to you with more later on.


Thanks Again

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The Meridian comes with the manual, and an Electronic Manual in PDF (Acrobat reader) format on a CD. If you look in the box your GPS was shipped in, you should find it there. If not go to Megellan's website, and get a copy.


Anyway the manual just tells you a little bit. It does not go into depth about anything. I was totally confused by the interface until I read the Electronic Manual. Then everything made since.


If you press and hold GOTO it only creates a way point. If you hold the GOTO button for 3 seconds you can setup all the details about the way point.


Back to your question. When Backtrack is off, the Meridian will show a black tick mark on the screen. This is a path of where you have been. Again, if your Backtrack is on, you do not get this. With Backtrack on, the Meridian would be making it's own way points and you will see these on the map minus the tick line. If you don't see the meridian generated waypoints, just press the OUT button a couple of times.


To activate the backtrack, you need to be in the ROUTE window. Then activate the route.


All of this is explained in the huge Electronic manual. It is pretty easy to understand so have fun. The screen you need to be familiar with is the Coordinate screen. This tells you where you are at and is necessary tp find any cahce.


One extra tid bit of info. Look at your Meridian Software. (i.e when you first press power, at the lower right had corner of the screen is a V2.09)This is your Magellan's operating System version. By default it is sent out with V2.09 software. Only the Platnum had 3.08 installed. Magellan has newer software available on it's website, so I would suggest downloading it, and installing it.



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