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Uk Pmr446 Radios Vs Australian Cb/uhf Radios.

Colonial Marine
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I am a complete muggle when it comes to Ham/CB radios so please help me with this one. I am interested in picking up some handheld two way radios for me & my family to use whilst geocaching etc. We are currently in the UK and the standard here seems to be licence free PMR446 type.


However we intend to move to Australia in less than a year and I see over there they use UHF CB radios. Are these the same thing?


Can I use PMR446 radios in Oz legally? Should I wait until we get to Oz before buying?


Or, coversely, whilst on holiday should I buy a handheld CB/UHF pair and bring em back? Are they legal in the UK?


Please advise.





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