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Sa Cachers By Province


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I've added an extra page to my website which will list cachers by province. Globalrat.com


The list will be populated through the network of Geocachers rather than making assumptions about cache locations and finds by Geocachers. I invite cache owners to contact cachers that log finds on their caches to determine where these cachers are located, notify me so that I can include them in this list, and notify the cacher of this site.


For all cachers, if you know of fellow cachers in SA, then urge them to contact me.


This way, we should be able to compile a list of active cachers around the country.


I've taken the liberty of adding a few names of people I've had contact with over the last while as a starter.


Hope this will assist in accelerating the Challenge 2005

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GlobalRat, thank you for the effort and the link! Expect a couple of placings soon....a list of cachers close to my home..


Africard - Northern KZN

TB Hunter - Northern KZN

Paper King - Northern KZN

Bosluis - Northern KZN / Midlands (this cacher does not seem to be active as emails are not answered)

I&J - Northern KZN

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Thanks for the online and offline responses so far.


The active list is up to 41 cachers!


C'MON.... there's got to be more peeps out there. Let's get networking!!


NOTE: I've purposely not included people by assumption of finds or placements. This needs to be a networked effort to ensure we get active cachers on the list.

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I've also got rid of the pop-up screen which didn't work that well. You still get the users stats by clicking on their name, but it will be displayed within the current window.


Will shortly add some more details to these pages as well.


I once again urge cache owners to contact cachers that find their caches and find out where they are from and forward me the names and locations



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Have just joined so I can not state that Iam active.Will work on it for sure :laughing:


Will still need a lot of help and the stupid questions need answers so be with me hopfully I can be helped




Now I have to edit this mail already:



Edited by CLUBCAB
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Clubcab (Markus)


Your reward is that you are listed, and as per my message on the other forum, I trust we shall shortly be congratulating you on your 100th find, and hopefully we'll see you encourage some new activity in the NW region.


Again.... WELCOME!


:D:D YEEEEEAAAAAH, NW comes in from the cold!!


Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Northern Cape are still barren though ;) ..... and there's all that land toooooo. Is it something in the water?? No satellites there?? Wild Beasts roaming free??

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