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Lewis And Clark Markers

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To whom it may concern:


The Lewis and Clark Commemorative disk at Giant Springs State Park, Great Falls, MT, is in the NGS database at PID = DI0232.




The commemorative disk at Traveler's Rest State Park, Lolo, MT, is in the NGS database at PID = DH9363.




Those Montana guys got their stuff together.


6 (for 7)


Thanks for the info six, it is good to see you appearing again. I did not even know that our Travelers Disk had gotten in the database yet.


Tell seven that I got to Lemhi this weekend and BuckBrooke should be updating his database soon. Here is my posting:Lemhi Pass Corps of Discovery II


The Pompey's Pillar Disk dedication and Signature event is scheduled for next Saturday 7/22; that is if the place doesn't burn down. They are having a large fire right near the Pillar.



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Will (seventhings) has kindly provided information and pictures for the following Lewis & Clark markers:


#21 Milk River, MT

#26 Fort Clatsop, OR

#27 Lewiston, ID

#28 Pompey's Pillars, Billings, MT

#29 New Town, ND

#30 Captain's Return, St. Louis, MO


There are apparently a a good number more disks out there (the small ones). Stephen Randall should be sending me info.

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