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Newspaper Article Imminent!!!!!!


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I am being interviewed this coming weekend by a newspaper reporter about geocaching (specifically in KZN) but I will be promoting geocaching in RSA as hard as I can. The newspaper enjoys an extremely large circulation and is distributed nationally. The reporter has specifically requested that we take her out on a hunt.


I will be showing her a good cross-section of caches (regular, small and micro) in my immediate area (Hillcrest, Durban, KZN).


If anyone has any suggestions for publicising our sport, please let me know asap.


Also, if any of you would be prepared to field queries from interested readers in other provinces, please send me your contact details for possible publication.


This is an exciting opportunity for us all, essentially national exposure (advertising) at no cost. I want it to go well enough that my email gets flooded with enquiries!!! :D


Any assistance will be gratefully accepted!

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Count me in



Any info or comments?


Also - when the article is published, I have asked for an 'electronic' version. Does anyone have space on a web site where I can upload it and publish the link on the forum?

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I am more than willing to field questions or to take any newbies on their first hunt.


Also, if any shops or interested parties need information, maybe we can put together an A5 pamphlet that we can start distributing.


I know, long time back Peter Scholtz and others had such a pamphlet that was available for printing and distribution. Maybe this is still available and just needs revisiting to ensure that information is still correct and up to date.

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Count me in!

I will gladly publish the article on my webpage.

Globalrat I got someone that can print for us. Let me have a copy and I can see what I can get done! Maybe even get it sponsered somewhat!

We can now include the new guidelines for Geocaching inside etc. And all the websites in SA that does something for the sport.


Get me onto "the Challange"

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I will gladly publish the article on my webpage.


Thanks for the offer - I'll send the article to you when I receive it.


I've had another call from the reporter who has obviously been doing some research, and is so keen she is dedicating the entire day to geocaching with us! Way cool!!! <_<


I have the original American version of the geocaching brochure which I have edited slightly - changing imperial measure to metric, altering currency indicators and so on. If you want my edited version, I'll be happy to send it to you.


Thanks to all who are offering their help here - it's exciting for me, and will be great publicity for local geocaching!

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I'm in <_< I'm in :blink: I'm in :blink:


Anything to raise awareness will be appreciated! Tell them about the race too, maybe we can get some sponsorships for our sport!


That looks like a touchy subject. Does sponsorship fall into the "commercial" category?


Would be great if we could get free web space, with a page for each province, each managed by a provincial representative.


Not to display cache pages - I feel, strongly, that they should remain on the main site, but certainly to advise about provincial and national geocaching in general.


It would also be great to have sponsorship for things like geocaching labels (like they have in the USA), bumper stickers (maybe) and printed brochures for distribution.


Is this what you meant by sponsorship? If so, I guess I can see nothing wrong in pleading for that sort of assistance. Maybe Magellan or Garmin could come to the party as well, but that would look like favouritism unless they would come in jointly.


I will certainly mention the TB race - I want to cover as much about the various aspects of the sport/hobby/addiction as possible.


Keep the suggestions coming!

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- when the article is published, I have asked for an 'electronic' version. Does anyone have space on a web site where I can upload it and publish the link on the forum?

I have web space, but I will need to see the article before I can commit to putting it on my site. Otherwise I'm keen to help.


I made a post in another thread about a newspaper ad, which fell through, but I will let you know if things change.

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There was an article on geocaching in the Argus last month (Cape Town), but it was cribbed from an american one, so it mentioned a few American cachers and their stories.


My mother is busy writing a geocaching article, and she hopes to have it published in country life, as she has contacts there, so if anyone has any interesting geocaching stories to tell for an article there, let me know.

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The interview with the Sunday Tribune went extremely well. In addition to the interview we visited 5 caches to show the reporter the thrill of the hunt so to speak. It was a really good day and I think we'll get some good publicity out of it.


I'll advise of the publication date as soon as I know it (either this coming Sunday or the next one).


I tried to cover ALL aspects of the game, from hiding, finding, the variations, travel bugs, travel bug races, etc.


Looking forward to seeing it in print!

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This is all GREAT!


Seems we have a dedicated few here who are determined to get the sport going properly here in South Africa.


I am FULLY committed to do anything I can in this regard.


Glad there's a number of you in other centres who feel the same.


This is going to be a good year for caching in RSA!!!!!



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the Sunday Tribune article will be published, at the latest, in three weeks time.

Please keep me a copy if you can. I'll be perusing foreign shores and would like a hardcopy upon my return. Will also scan in and place on my website once published.


It's good to see that there are potentially a number of articles in the offing. I think I'll add a new section to my site to collect these.

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Anyone who wants hard copy - tell me asap and I'll purchase the required number and post to eac of you. (NOT the entire paper, just the relevant article)


Please advise postal address to




Chatting to the reporter yesterday - the estimated readership of the Sunday Tribune is over 600 000! That's NOT a typo - six hundred thousand!!! Now THAT is coverage!!!!! :ph34r:

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The newspaper article will be published this coming Sunday in the "Sunday Tribune". It will appear in the "SM" magazine insert.


Anyone from outside KZN who cannot get a copy and would like me to send it to you, please let me know as soon as possible. Sorry for the short notice, but the journalist only notified me a few minutes ago.


Have a great caching weekend ......

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The Sunday Tribune article was published as promised last Sunday.


The journalist did an excellent job, describing geocaching very well, giving an enthusiastic report on her day of geocaching with us.


The article was a LOT longer and larger than we thought it would be, making scanning a bit of a problem.


I intend scaling it down on the photocopier (will end up as black & white) and trying to scan it that way.


GlobalRat wants the original paper to try and scan and place on his web site. It will be posted to him today.

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