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Garmin Gps V

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I currently have a Magellan 315 (I know, it's old too), and it works fine in the truck, but I was searching GPS Zone and found this--->GPS Zone.


It strikes me as a good deal. In fact that's legal theft considering what it was worth when it was a new model.


So tell me, since I usually track Magellan and not that other brand, is this as good a deal as I think?



Comments and nit-picking welcome

"I've said my piece now I'll go back to pretending I'm a geocacher."

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Go check the prices for purchasing just City Select, you'll see it's even a better deal than you thought.


Of course the V auto-route processing is slower than what you can get today, but if it was good enough back then.......


Because it's such a good deal, I have a feeling these units are on their way to being discontinued.




Note: Responding here because I recently received this package as a gift.


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