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Pocket Queries: "updated In The Last 7 Days"


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I have a couple of PQ's, that run every week, so I have all geocaches in my surroundings (and way beyond ;)) available whenever I need. As an example, I use 5 PQ's to get the details and logs of all dutch caches each week (so I never miss anything in GSAK). When I run an update query for Germany with "Updated in the last 7 days" active, which has 6000+ caches listed, it almost always seems to create 500 caches in the GPX file. I cannot imagine that cache owners of over 8% of all caches change the cache description each week. :o This happens (almost) every week... not only now when the new cache attributes got added. :o


What exaclty does the "Updated in the last 7 days" checkbox filter on? Is it only "cache description changed"? Is it "the generated page changed", which implies there were logs added? If so, why is there an additional "Found in the last 7 days" checkbox?


Is there a list/document somewhere that explains all these filters? Most are quite easy to grasp, but when doing complicated filtering, it's all in the tiny details...

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I have a couple of PQ's, that run every week, so I have all geocaches in my surroundings (and way beyond :o) available whenever I need.


emphasis added

I came to a stop when I read the quoted excerpt.


Perhaps the OP is asking these questions in order to refine a methodology for sharing GPX files and updates to them? Quoting from elsinga's post to the alt.rec.geocaching forum:


Hi all!


I finally managed to get my Creditcard approved by paypal (l­oooooong

story...) and immediately got my GC membership. =8-) Now I'm­ playing

with GPX pocket queries, to get all caches in the Netherland­s and

neighbouring countries into the 20 pocket queries.


Up to now I managed to squeeze NL, B/LUX together, DK, F, CH­, A and I

completely and D up to april this year into the 20 queries. ­My queries

are "not found by me", per country and by placed date (from ­1st of

month x to 31st of month y) type. I normally get between 450­ and 499

caches per query, but the optimum is 500. and that's where m­y question

comes in (based on a post a few weeks ago of a geocacher who­ has such

queries for the UK):


Are there geocachers who have (a set of) pocket queries who ­cover all

caches of a whole country or a couple of countries together,­ so that

you can have GPX files with (just about) 500 caches? maybe w­e can

share them and/or publish them?


Given this stated intent, I am reluctant to answer the OP's question. Perhaps others are more charitable.

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No, I don't want to share pocket queries. The quote you inserted was about sharing the parameters used to create PQ's yourself (the last sentence does look a bit questionable... but IIRC the rest of that usenet thread explains more). I actually ran them myself, to create a database of caches of whole western Europe... and now I'm running into problems of keeping that database up to date... :o


Why I want such a database? Well, on vacation we do quite a bit of traveling and I want a database on my laptop which is up to date... so when we stop somewhere, I know where the caches are. ;)


I know I can use the list of PQ's I now have to get all caches in the countries mentioned, but that is quite overdone... not only because it uses more than the 20 available PQ's in the first place. And since I only need the cache description (at least for now, I run extra queries for the logs for area's I will visit on vacation, etcetera), I only need caches of which the description is updated. But I seem to run out of space in the PQ's I use... see OP.


Less reluctant now? :o


BTW: I know I should not share my database with non-members... but I am uncertain about sharing (part of) my database with (verified) gc.com members. I witheld from those requests, but since you feel so strong about the subject, you must have more knowledge than I have and you might clarify this for me?

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"Updated in the last 7 days" includes caches with logs added in the last 7 days, Which IMO makes that parameter pretty much useless.


Here in California, about 99% of all active caches have been logged in the last 7 days.

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