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Anxious Moments In Queens

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See, if it were not for Geocaching you guys wouldn't have had that exciting experience - that's exactly why we do this thing :o .

It sounds funny but, you're right.

I felt bad about calling the cops especially after the 10 cars pulled up. It was ridiculous to have that many cops there for one guy, not to mention they came AFTER he was apprehended. I'm hoping by this he can get help. I'm sure spending the night in jail was like a 5 star resort compared to where he was.

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Too bad.

That was the best cache in Queens.

The location was great. Hiking in didn't seem like anything special but as soon as you got to the site the view was beautiful. Where was the cache hidden anyway? I assume from the hint it was up in that big tree but, how far up?

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JMB is a pussy-cat. :P


And a good time was had by all. The cops and I had quite a bit of fun cracking jokes on the mobile mansion while Joe went to look for his phone, which, coincidentally, was about 5 feet from where we were when we decided to walk away and call the cops.


Hey, someone got some overtime.

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That cinches it....


I have GOT to go caching with you guys!! We never have THAT kind of fun around here...


(Glad you both are safe, limbs unsevered, none the worse for wear, and you might have restored the location to it's former solitude!) HOWEVER, I can one-up you on the curse: I have been repeatedly called a DIRTY white mofo... so there.





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