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Completely Fake Caches

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Lots of snow up here in New England has kept me indoors recently, but I finally got a chance to get out and hunt down a few fake caches. Thought I'd share some of my pictures and logs.


Caution: spoilers!



Abe's Lap




Came right here after wandering suspiciously around the Canadian Embassy. Easy find, but hard to get to without being noticed. Just as I got the cache back in place, a couple of FBI agents came by and asked me some questions. I explained what I was doing, and showed them my fake ID (which I always carry with me for just such an occasion). They thanked me for my time and left. Whew! Left an expired Smithsonian pass, took the Marion Barry spoon keychain.




Fiddler's Grove Picnic Area Cache




You know what they say: Big Cache, Big Swag! Almost DNF'd, but finally broke down and read the hint: [Oruvaq gur pnova]. Sure enough, there it was! Clever hide, can't believe I didn't find it sooner. Left: the red Hummer I was driving when I came to the cache, and a dirty golf ball. Took: drove away in the 1937 Town Car convertible (nice car, although the radio seems to be busted). Log pages were a bit damp, looks like somebody may have splashed water on them while climbing in and out of the hot tub (I moved the log down to the other end of the ammo box away from the tub so it wouldn't happen again). Lots of discarded bikinis near the hot tub - whats up with that??




Micro Shmicro



Here's the rock pile: can you spot the cache?


Wow! This was one tough hide. Moved rocks until my fingers bled. But I did eventually find the little bugger. Signing the little tiny log was tough, because I lost my glasses while searching. The blood on the log pages is mine.


This was one of the smaller caches I have seen. I took a picture of the cache container next to a saftey pin so you can see the relative size:





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