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Your Favorite Geocaching Photo.


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WHAT kind of digital camera are ya'll using to take these awesome photos???


My goodness, I'd like to make my own calendar from them!


I'm in the market for a digital camera. I currently have the $10 special that just sucks batteries; I don't use it often. It was a gift. I'm old-school~I have an incredible 35mm~I love black & white, and using natural light.


I'd appreciate any suggestions. I've been researching those nice lil sony's~6 pix and above,then I read that battery options are more important. So I'll ask you guys since I love your nature photos.





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I took a wrong turn while driving to the next leg of a multi-cache. These guys were on the side of the road, tripping all over each other, making a cute chirping noise. I just had to stop. They cautiously followed me back to my car after I snapped some pictures... the fact that I do not now have three mischievous new pets required a lot of restraint on my part!


Man, I hope they didn't get flattened. :unsure:



DING! We have a winner, I think! I had two raccoons when I was a kid!


These are some great photos, folks! I'll have to do some research to find some faves... but, here's one of a Birmingham view with the favorite travelbug I've seen so far, "Travelling Man":




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Wow, I have way too many to choose just one! But this one came as such a special surprise it ranks near the top.


Hikenit and I had gone down to Rome, GA to see Lance Armstrong compete (and win) in the 2004 Tour de Georgia, as well do some caches in the area.... I took this photo of the 2004 male athlete of the year!

WOW!! That is too cool!!


Small world we live in!


Edited your photo...


Red arrow is Mrs. Grid & Blue arrow is me!! :ph34r: (behind the guy in blue) :rolleyes::ph34r:




I got blocked out down the block for the awards for the stage win, but we had a great spot camped out for the TT finish & awards.

Here's a good pic I got of the TT winners.



Just found out today that the Tour de Georgia is coming back to Rome for two days!!! this year.

April 20-21

Stage 2 will finish in Rome and then the next day we will host the TT again!


The Discovery Team has announce that they will take part, but no word on whether Lance will make it again this year.


D-man :o

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Thanx for the kind words, but I don't think what I do is all that special!

I did get my 1K yesterday, at dadgum, Wilbern - Where's My Geocache and that was fun.


Anybody can geocache, it's all in your state of mind! Just Do It!


EDIT - Now THAT's funny - GC approved the cache name but won't let it be written in the forums! Political Correctness run amuck!



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