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Your Favorite Geocaching Photo.


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I took a wrong turn while driving to the next leg of a multi-cache. These guys were on the side of the road, tripping all over each other, making a cute chirping noise. I just had to stop. They cautiously followed me back to my car after I snapped some pictures... the fact that I do not now have three mischievous new pets required a lot of restraint on my part!


Man, I hope they didn't get flattened. <_<



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Here are a few from my gallery that I liked:


This one was just from yesterday morning:



Spiderwebs in fog:



Trees in fog:



This was taken with my camera phone:



"Gem of Big Sur":



Caching at dawn:



Deadly rabbit cave:



I saw this rattler strike at someone!:



Oh deer!:



Too many pictures to choose from.... Last one:


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2 weeks ago, I went to check on a cache I placed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The adjacent Nature preserve was flooded, and my cache looked to be drowned. Found these deer trapped in the museum's formal gardens by the high water. (cache is fine, BTW).



Caching at Castlewood State Park in St Louis, Mo. That's my sister, Geopic.




From Lone Elk Park in Missouri:



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I've got lots I like, but this is still one of my favorites:



Hey, I know that view! That was taken at my Deep Down Body Thirst Cache! Too bad that cache is gone, I really had fun placing that one and reading the logs on it.


As far as my own photos:


My Rodeo out in the desert near Vegas between points of my In Town Off-Road Adventure cache:



On the way up to the Mt Charleston Peak cache (three out of the four of us VegasCacheHounds, I'm behind the cacmera):



The meadow on top of the ridge line on the way up:



Wreckage near the top of a military cargo plane:




And finally, us at the top (minus Keri and Rusty the golden, they turned back a mile ago):





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Here are a few impressions from Germany and Sweden:



Lübbensteine, an old stone grave in the middle of Germany



Reaching a small island in the east of Germany by boat where the cache Sara von Zezschwitz was hidden



First Goldberg in the north-east of Germany



Big Bauta in Sweden



Hanging in the wall and waving while going for the Süpliner Abseilcache which was fixed to the wall half way down. Evil addition: being there with special gear that would only let me down but not having our boat with us I had to swim back to a beach where I could get out of the lake. It was great fun and we had a fantastic breakfast afterwards in our "cache mobile"... :rolleyes:


Hope you enjoyed these pictures, we really liked all yours,


Balla & Silly

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There are some great shots here.


I had many amazing views while caching in Alaska. This is the one that's probably most special to me.




My wife's electric scooter couldnt' make the climb up this abandoned gold mine in Alaska and kept throwing the breaker, so I locked a crutch between my shoulder and her bumper and got her this far up before proceeding to the cache. You can see the parking lot below.


my log on the Gold Mine

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Managed to squeeze in a couple of caches on a work trip to New Zealand a couple of years ago - this one was taken in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, and is easily my favourite geocaching photo:




Not far from where we used to live - overlooking McLaren Vale, one of the premier wine producing regions in South Australia:




The Cape Otway Lighthouse, on the southern coast of Victoria (also Australia):




So far from home ... :rolleyes: But looking forward to new sights around Seattle and Washington in the next couple of years!

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