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Your Favorite Geocaching Photo.

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Purple Lupines at the base of Mount Cadillac in Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME).


Full-sized image makes a nice desktop. I have a bunch of geocaching pictures in my gallery. Just use the search tool for "geocaching" to see the obvious ones. My others are interspersed with my trip galleries and are from geocaching on my travels.

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I like the 315, looks just like mine.


As for the big cat, I would have turned around and ran so far away that the largest zoom lense wouldn't have been able to shot that pic.



You should post that at dpreview.com




Comment's and nit-picking welcome.

"I've said my piece, not I'll go back to prenteding I'm a cacher."

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f622e0f8-6c0a-4339-a9bc-61d52f9ff764.jpgThis was after a fail attempt for a cache, just what happens when you go the wrong way, :) I had waded out around a spot outcroping of rocks when the waves went out. On the way back,after no finding the cache, the tide had come in and I did not time the waves correctly. Well I go stuck between to large rocks :) when the waves came back in so I braced myself. Well the waves met between my feet, so the water shot straight up between my legs. :P:) Must have gone 10-12 feet in the air. :D


I have not been back to the cache, I later found out there is parking rather close. :D

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Wow, I have way too many to choose just one! But this one came as such a special surprise it ranks near the top.


Hikenit and I had gone down to Rome, GA to see Lance Armstrong compete (and win) in the 2004 Tour de Georgia, as well do some caches in the area. After the race was over and Lance had won, we made our way to the stage for the award presentations. As Lance started walking up through the crowd he came right by me and then stopped to wait for someone; I took this photo of the 2004 male athlete of the year!



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***Every picture in this post is clickable to see the larger version.




I'm planning on making a t-shirt out of this.  If anyone wants one, just email me.  <_<

Odd, that looks stangly like a picture on one of my my Photographer's Caches (which is also one of my favorite pictures):



Here's a couple of mine other favorites (taken by others):


Eiffel Tower from the bottom up



Interesting placement of GPS



Just really cool



Look like it should be on money or something:



That he got this close amazes me:



Roller Coaster Perspective


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