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Caches In Ontario - Kitchener Area


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well not quite sure if iam wording this right or not but was wondering how to tell a cache location was active or not? as i have been to 2 locations and did not find the cache , i searched every possible still not there, wondering how to tell if cache is still functional. does anyone know of any in the palmerston and surrounding area. would love to get in this hobby, are most cache only in the summertime? thanks all.

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Well, a cache is usually active unless it has a strikethrough line through it. With the caches you didn't find there are a few possibilites:


1) The cache was taken away by another person/natural disaster/animal

2) you just were not able to find it as it was too well hidden.


If you don't find it , you can try to notify the owner who will check up on it and tell you whether or not it is still there.


Caches are not an easy thing to find, you might just want to go back and look again in every nook and cranny. Remember that the accuracy of your GPS is about 5m or so. That is a huge area when you think of it. Try walking away from and to the spot again a few times, this will help narrow the area.


Good luck.



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Hi heman37,

If you are looking for a 'Bent and Twisted' cache ... then just look at the name of the hiders! :) Some of their caches are 'easier' and some are a good challenge!


"Roadside Series - Orchardville" is the closest that I can see to you Palmerston and it was a tricky find (okay so that was at night). It hasn't been found since November so it's hard to tell if it's still there but probably is. (fingers crossed)


For my first day of caching I went out for about 5 caches and found 2. Once you locate a few then you will be able to spot likely places. I still have frustrating days but they are fewer and fewer between.


Sometimes reading the logs of past finders helps to give you clues (and sometimes they just help to confuse!). :) If someone has been there recently then that's a help (especially in the winter with the footsteps!) Looking for 'micros' is even more frustrating so you might want to hold off on those for a bit.


Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of Geocaching.



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