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Friday Afternoon Puzzle


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I don't think it can be the point furthest from a cache in England as the nearest one is 15.3 miles North and 16 miles to the South. So a point a little further south would be more 'remote' - maybe? Anyway, there must be lonely corners of the fens more than 15.3 miles from a cache. My bet goes to it being the point furthest, on average, from every cache in England. Wild guess <_<




Update: Doing a little research, the centre of England, based on the 'Gravitational Method' (if England was a cardboard cut-out, where would the point at which it'd balance on a pen tip be) is said to be a small farm near the town of Fenny Drayton in Leicestershire. Or, for the traditionalist, Meriden - where there's a monument saying it's the centre of England. Either way it's a LONG WAY away from the spot given above. Unless there's a huge shortage of caches in one area the cache-centre and the geographic-centre of England should be within a few dozen miles, at least. So, I have to say I think MarcB got it right first time.

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Now I now how "The only gay in the village" feels. Leave Hereford alone,I know were VERY short of caches but I do hope to rectify this soon I've printed off all the paperwork I think I'll need for the Forestry Commision and Nature Trust and its looking hopeful for one of my local landowners. By the way what is wrong with Brienton church or springs?

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