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This is getting a bit heavy...


Being a New Zealander, I don't pretend to understand the History and general animosity that is present in discussions such as this. I know only what I have seen on TV in the 80's and read in History books etc. I know it was v.v. bad, but it is frankly quite incomprehensible to me...


That aside, IMO, I fail to see how a simple three coloured flag can cause so much pain. Surely in this day and age we are civilised enough to see the islands that make up Britain and Ireland (and Isle on Man <_< ) as a GEOgraphical feature, of which a significant proportion of the entire populace happen to use the same flag.


Yes, I accept that ROI is quite distinctly separate, at least Politically. To me, as an 'outsider', there is only Ireland. And a beautiful Ireland at that.


In the end, this is only the first in what will hopefully be long line of 'our' geocoins - with many varied designs (well done House of Boo!!). I mentioned the Southern Cross in an earlier post - remember that NZ is a British colony with it's own share of 'history' with the Crown: just ask the Maori - but I don't see my beloved Southern Cross anywhere. I will still buy and relish these geocoins, even though the flag is not mine.




EDIT: btw, reference to pain above isn't intended to provoke attempts to educate me :blink: . Accept that I accept your position, regardless of your stance - this is your right as a free person.

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But hey - the USA geocoins have their flag on, and you wouldn't want the UK to be different, would you...?

'Course we could all wind each other up for a while again, just for effect, but... <_<

I have no interest in winding you up. Look: in order to keep your batch costs down, you need to be able to shift as many of these as possible, up to the batch limit.


If your group had taken my advice, and worked a bit harder to come up with a design that was not controversial - then you would have had the chance to move more coins.


It's as simple as that. :blink:

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To clarify:


I was approached per e-mail over the Christmas period by Alison and Simon who were anxious not only to finalise their design and get the coins minted, but to also settle on a template that was agreeable to everyone.


The discussion began at two opposite ends, one of which was the non-political option and the other the "original UK" only design.


In the MSN chats that followed, everyone voiced their opinions, expressed their reservations and worked towards what I, Simon and Alison felt was an acceptable compromise.


From the designers point of view, it was felt that the Union flag had to be included in some shape or form to make the coin readily identifiable. In return for the inclusion of the flag, I asked that the outline of the islands would be inclusive of both islands and without borders.


So the compromise was mutual and I felt that we agreed on the final design. I feel that we all gave a little time to talk this out and was happy that the people that were designing the coin took the time and the interest to reach out to those that had reservations about the initial design. While the design may still be controversial to some, and others may not realise what the whole hoo-haa is about, from my own personal viewpoint everyone had to give a little.


I have spoken to Donnacha and Simon in the past hour and we are going to continue any further discussion away from the forums.


On that note, I hope that the geocoins go on to be a success for all concerned and look forward to future interaction between British and Irish cachers. The event in Dublin should be a great starting point for that.



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Thanks for everyone's comments so far. The GeoCoin.co.uk Team believe that they have put together the most inclusive first design possible and hope that even those not so keen on this initial design will support the project. At the end of the day we are doing this for you guys. <_<


Our aim was to create the most striking Geocoin available and we think this blows the others out of the water - we can't wait to get our hands on the proofs which hopefully will be within a matter of weeks! :blink:B)


Having estimated the weight of support in favour of design #1 we have no doubt that the first batch will sell out happily then we can move on to design #2 so get your thinking caps on. Maybe a UK&Ireland GeoCoin event?


For the time being I am closing this thread until we have estimated delivery dates and of course the all important unit cost.



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