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Who Are Team Nippa???


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:grin: Forgive me for getting a wee bit frustrated and all that but I have spotted this group of happy little boys logging finds before they are even members and their names are not even in the logs - unless at a stab in the dark it is another cacher's clan - If so is this a fair thing to do i.e. log a find then make all family members cachers and let them log finds on cache pages? Or am I just getting a grumpy old number's man?
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Yes, you are being very grumpy, whether you are old or not, I'm not going to comment.


They are my sons and have been to all the caches I've logged on their behalf. They wanted to know how many caches they'd done, it was getting hard to keep track of.


Exactly what harm is it doing you?

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Another thing, if you have that much of a problem, what the hell would have been so hard about contacting me personally through any of the several means at your disposal or at the very least not refering to them by name?


I'm just glad that they're not old enough to be reading this as you'd probably manged to upset them rather more that you have me.


Go get a life.

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They aren't doing any harm. You only have to look at who else visited on those dates to figure out who they are. If a family don't always cache together it's the best way of working out how many finds each person has. I'm sure Mancunian Pyrocacher, Mongoose and The Molinnis Crew agree (and many others I'm sure).



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Well to be honest - I find it blows a hole in the water of the whole find/note and log idea of geocaching!

I may as well make my daughter a member and put her down as finding all the caches she has tagged along with me -even the I noted them!!


But thanks for saying it was you as I took a stab when looking at the notes and did not want to get too political.


Cans of worms here we come :grin:

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Tigger Two and tazmania don't always have me with them when they cache or set their caches.


They don't always log their finds either.


Most of the time they find them with me and the logs are beacause i remind them.


I also have a friend who caches but does not log on the site at all, just enjoys the hunt.


I am quite happy that team mnippy have logged their finds on my caches and it took me all of two minutes to work out who they where and check with their dad that they were genuine.

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:grin: Right thats it -you have straighted me out - i will go back under my stone and not grumble any more - Just did not think it was a bang to rights type rule what with all the politics that goes on here -

so I will apoligise and not rock the boat no more - not - ever ever - honest cross my heart and all that crawly stuff do please forgive me


So very sorry and did not mean to offend-- oh and I will lock the subject .

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