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Location Caching???


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I've only been caching for about a month now. Today while I was on patrol (I'm a cop) I found one gal taking a picture of another holding her GPS in front of a local historic building. I knew that this wasn't a cache location so I asked them what they were up to. They said that there is another caching-type activity whereby a type of architectural structure or historic landmark is memtioned on a site and GPSrs find them and log the coordinates and photo to the page.

Is anyone out there familiar with this and where can I find the URL? They told me that there was a link on GEOCACHING.COM but I did not find it.

(Funny point: The same CGer that got me hooked on this was also the one who got these gals hooked.)

Thanks for any help.

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It's called "Locationless", and you can find it by going to "Hide and Seek a Cache". Look on the left side, and after you get through all the ways of looking for a cache, ie, zip code, state or country, it gives you a link for "or all locationless caches".


Here is the actual page:




(Not quick enough. :rolleyes: )

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