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Mark Recovery Entry

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Cannot create recovery file: Permission denied


This is the message I now get when I complete a recovery.



In the past you could go back and change the data and re submit the new data.

Why Am I now getting this message?


I get another message that says I need to re submit...I do but the same message comes back.


Thanks for help on this topic.

This was tonite on recovery submissions.

I will watch to see if they update as well.





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Thank you for submitting this recovery. These data will be processed and should appear in the National Spatial Reference System within 30 days.


If you would like to submit another recovery, you may go back to the initial form and change only those items which need to be changed. I.e., to submit additional recoveries without re-keying items which do not change, do as follows: Hit the "Back" button a couple of times until you get back to the initial form. Then change only those items which need to be changed. Then re-submit the form. Your old information will be retained and re-submitted along with the newly-keyed information.



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This message is what I always get. I interpret it as:


Thanks for recovering the benchmark. Wait a bit, and it'll show up in the database.


For those with a number of benchmarks to enter, the easiest thing to do is go back a couple of pages in your browser, to the form that's already mostly filled out. Change the few things you need to change for the next benchmark, and submit it. Repeat.

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On the PID #'s CI2376,CI2377 and CI2378 for the reference marks and azimuth mark.

I did a search but it say's the do not exist.


PID................Reference Object .....................Distance


GG0539 WHEATON MUNICIPAL TANK....APPROX.14.1 KM..... 0714935.9


CI2377 LONGVIEW RM 1........................25.859 METERS....09234


CI2378 LONGVIEW RM 2 .......................20.148 METERS.19153




CI2376 LONGVIEW AZ MK.....................2712944.7


I know on some azimuths and references they are searchable and logable.

I usually have to get 4-5 marks for a complete recovery of the entire station and reference marks.

Just wondering if this is something new...(PID'S #)I have just noticed it, well about a month ago.

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Generally speaking, though the datasheet will list a PID for the AZ and RM's, The actual PID is the station these are attributed to. Unless actual Triangulation or Elevation data were ascribed to the AZ or RM's, the seemingly PID like number next to them on the Datasheet will not usually turn up further Data.


What you are seeing there are stations listed in what is known as the Box Score, and it does list the bearing and distance to the RM and AZ Marks from the Station disc. It will also often list the PID's of other nearby Stations, including PID's to stations that may have been deemed destroyed and are no longer in the database. Bearings and distances to all.


Hope that helps Geo,



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I had also noticed that reference marks and azimuths have a PID associated with them. I am fairly sure that these PIDs are for the NGS to keep track of the marks they place and nothing more. In my experience with surveying involvement, these marks typically do not have datasheets associated with them. Based on what I have determined from experience, there are a few instances where they do, however, and I believe these are some of the cases:


1. If the station, reference marks, and azimuth mark were observed and assigned firm coordinates at the time they were established, a datasheet will exist for the marks.

2. The azimuth mark was destroyed and then reset by the NGS at another location, they may observe the new mark, obtain coordinates, and publish a datasheet.

3. Typically two reference marks (RM 1 & RM 2) are placed near a triangulation station in the event that the station cannot be found. These marks are at a given distance and angle from the station mark and can be used to aid recovery or to reset a station. -- In the event that the station and it reference marks, or just the reference marks are destroyed and properly reported to the NGS, the NGS may establish additional reference marks (i.e.: RM 3, RM 4, etc.) and if they are observed and firm coordinates are obtained, the NGS may publish a datasheet.

4. If another organzation (Dept. of Nat. Resources, etc.) or the NGS comes out after the station and its supporting marks are established, lets say years later, and there is a tree or another object that obstructs the view of the station mark, one of its reference marks may be observed (typically with industry-grade surveying GPS and a static session) as an eccentric point. If the information on the mark is submitted to the NGS they may publish a datasheet.


Yes, this is a bit long winded, but I feel pretty thorough. I hope this helps you as well as other benchmark hunters!



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My take on this: "Thank you for submitting this recovery. These data will be processed and should appear in the National Spatial Reference System within 30 days." is the following: The folks at the NGS probably get many of these submittals each day and in order for them to process all of these documents, it will take some time. Some of the recoveries are "not found" and "destroyed." Thus, they give themselves 30 days to go through all of the information in order to verify its legitimacy before they update their database. After all, the NGS is a government agency and they want their information to be correct since surveyors will base their surveys off these marks. The data is sent to the NGS when you click "SUBMIT." They just allow you to go back and change the information so that the entry process is user-friendly if you have multiple logs to submit.

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