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I am planning on hiding my first micro and am looking for the logs that I see in micros everywhere..it has the "stash note" at the top followed by lines for people to sign. I can't find it on the geocaching.com website. I have the basic stash note...do I have to add lines somehow? I'm somewhat computer illiterate so help please. Thanks.

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Go to the hide a cache page on the geocaching web site and open the stash note Word document. Assuming you have Word on your computer, using edit on the toolbar, select all text and change the font size to shrink the text to fit your micro. I believe size 5 or 6 will work nicely for a film canister micro.

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Here is this website's micro stash note and here is the logbook they provide.


I find that their stash note is too big for some micro containers, so I made my own, smaller one and changed the wording to get it down to the basics. You can make your own in Word using the smallest fonts.


Here is the wording I use. Feel free to copy if you like:


Geocache Site

This container is part of a sport called geocaching.

It is not abandoned and is the personal property of the

participant. Please do not move it. If you found it by

accident please let us know at:


Questions or concerns can be addressed to:



I also find that their logbook is too wide for film canisters and bison cylinders so I shrunk the text and moved the lines closer together simply by clicking on them and dragging them closer together. If you your computer skills aren't up to this, I can e-mail you what I have.

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I just use a page in MS Word with 0.5 inch margins all around, divided into three equal columns, with the following at the top of each column:


Official Geocache

Placed by Kai Team on [date]


For more information, visit:

www.geocaching.com or

Contact: [my email address]

Visitors: [some spaces] Date:


and a series of lines below the heading for people to sign in on.


I print this on both sides of the page, then cut the page into three strips lengthwise and roll or fold them to fit into the mirco. I place one strip into the cache, and keep the other two handy for instant maintenance runs!

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