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Road Trip Anyone


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Based on the great success Eric of TresOkies and I had doing caches towards Lake Tom Steed, I am once again proposing a road trip. This time, I'm looking to head down I35 gathering the caches towards the Oklahoma/Texas border. Sticking to caches about five miles from I35, there are about 20 caches. I am posting a list in the files area of the OKgeocaching yahoo group mail. There are also several options for expanding the list (and they're noted on the file) and if a really aggressive group is formed, it may be possible to visit close to 40 caches. This would probably involve some night caching, but who's afraid of the dark? I am proposing a date of 26 February, with the trip taking place Rain or Shine. Also to maximize the days rewards, I'm recommending an early start from some meeting place in the Norman area.


If you're interested, let me know by posting here or in the yahoo group email. As always, the wishes and desires of the majority of the group will determine the final outcome.


Another Note, OK, so it's not about the numbers, but this will be a great chance to visit several remote caches with hopefully some interesting people.

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