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Thanks Nozzletime!

Amazon Annie

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I was out caching yesterday and lots my PDA on the trails of a series that involved a LOT of walking. :laughing: By the time we were finished, I was too tired to go back and look for it (thanks B&B for offering). I posted a note and planned on going back but due to an emergency visit to the doctor for my daughter (she's okay) my plans were put on hold. Nozz offered to go out and look for me and he found it (and a Bruce Trail map I also lost) !


I couldn't remember which stage I had lost it at so he ended up hiking a lot of it all over again (he had already done the cache.) I owe you big time Nozzletime, thanks!


I've found that cachers seem to go out of their way for each other (at least around here they do!). I've had laptop tables custom made, certificates, shirts, tiaras etc. and people who have driven out of their way and have performed miracles for me. What a great bunch of people. I just want to say thanks to everyone for everything but especially to NT for re-hiking the trails and finding my PDA!


I'm sure you have similar stories.....

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I can just see B&B, scratching their collective HEAD and planning a "Lost PDA & Bruce Trail Map Cache"! Laura will say, "Let's call it the AA Lost PDA cache", and Dave will say, "No, you might hurt her feelings", so it will just be, "Lost PDA & BTM" cache.


Glad to hear Nozzletime found your PDA. Now you'll just have to keep waiting for that upgrade. Of course, I'm guessing that when you've found 1847 caches, you kind of get excited about the prospect of finding ANYTHING nearby, right Scotty? :ph34r:

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Nozzletime, that was most impressive! To go out and search through kilometers of freshly fallen snow for no other reason than to help a friend is truely an amazing thing to do.


Everyone knows how consumed you get with finding caches and your non-stop approach to caching, but this incident shows to everyone that "it's NOT all about the numbers"


You have illustrated here part of what Geocaching has become.... a community of like minded people.


Nozzletime, you are an example to follow in more ways than one.


:) The Blue Quasar

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Having cached with Nozzletime on several occasions, I can assure you, as BQ said, that while he loves the numbers as much as any of us, it is not ALL about the numbers. I could tell you stories and relate comments of his that would almost make you weep. Of course, one is always sworn to secrecy, because he doesn't want anyone to think he is soft. :) As well as finding Annie's PDA, he gave me my first BFL, just because. He has recently given me an even nicer one, which is cool.


Another example of the hike that didn't really need to be done, was on New Year's Eve, when he met up with a large gang of cachers who were heading out to "Prickle's Pond" to ring in the New Year. The reason he went and had planned to go, days before the New Year's Eve plan was hatched, was out of concern for poor Prickles. When he placed the cache, he hadn't realized that it was so close to Prickles' home and he didn't want him to be bothered by cachers, so he was going out to move the cache to another location. Alas, it turned out not to be necessary, but what a nice thought. Many would not bother.


I'm sure many geocaching communities feel the same way, but I know we are truly blessed with an incredible bunch of people in our wide, but close-knit caching community. Cache-on. Ok... back to our regularly scheduled cynicism, before we get all huggy and stuff. :huh:

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