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Need Datum Converter For Pocket Pc

Seay me

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I actually dont think you know what you want. A datum is a referance system where if you mean decimal degrees, degrees decimal minutes, degrees minutes seconds, UTM, Maidenhead etc... are all units of measure from a datum point. Your GPSr will do the conversion for you or you can go to JEEEP.com. If in the field which I assume you want a converter then just use your GPSr. Go to settings or setup what ever your GPSr uses and go to units/location and make the change there. If you need to change Datum there are bassically only 2, WGD84(NAD83 is the same) and NAD 27. Most people get them mixed up yell if you need any help.


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Take a look at this:

The link listed here was waht I was looking for. I've been out of the 'loop' for a while due to my GPS getting stolen. We're about to get started again and in the past I've needed a converter to go form one format to another. Rather than go to the jeeep website I just have it loaded on my pda.


I'm sure it's ignorance on my part. All I can do is read an learn adn these forums are a big part of that. :o

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