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Looking For Someone Near 25° 24'626


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I'm in search of someone near the point 25° 24'626 (North, South, East or West) to complete the cache "Where's In A Name ?"


My username "AlainBob" converts to 25° 24'626.


Since I'm from Canada, I tought it would be interesting to find someone from another country to complete this cache...


All you have to do is to convert your username into coordinates (see how to do that here. Then, take a few pictures of your GPS and the surrounding at these coords and send them back to me...


Thanks for your help !


Alain R.


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The fellow cacher who helps to complete the cache has not convert his name!

One converts the name, the other takes the requested pics.


Have fun



You are absolutly right...


The GC3153 instructions says:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to persuade another Geocacher to get out there and take a photo of his GPS (with the coords clearly visible) at ANY coord. (choice is his/hers) that intersects with the coord. you created from your username above.


But I tought it would be interesting to find someone who can go to a point corresponding to my coords AND his/her (obtained from his/her username)... That's why I wrote my request that way... and I think I found someone in South Africa. I'm waiting for a reply from him...


But if anyone would like to go at 25° 24'626 (North, South, East or West) and take a picture or two, I wouldn't mind at all !!! :laughing:


Thx for your input !


Alain R.

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I live near this coords ,but I have helped another geocacher to complete this cache taking pictures of another coords in my country.Can I help you to complete the cache?

Is possible to have two logs for me? Are permited by the rules for this cache? If this is possible I can help you log it taking pictures of this point nearly my home..Sorry my bad spell of english.


Yo vivo cerca de estas coordenadas , pero ya he completado este cache para otro geocacher. Es posible que pueda ayudar a otro a completarlo?Es permitido por las reglas que lo pueda hacer dos veces o mas?. Si fuera posible me avisan y con gusto tomaria algunas fotos de este punto para AlainBob


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@ fauntimes,

a nice and friendly proposal but should it work this way its like - as we have a proverb in Germany - finding a needle in the haystack :D

Do this cache the normal way and try to find a teampartner with your coord.


However, don't search for the wrong one. Your handle FAUNTIMES translates to 32.86.846 and based on the rules the result is 33.26.846.

You can check the cities of the world with the link in the cache description and when you have identified a city with N, E, S or W coord. similar to your 33.26 go to Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint and search on the map of the country to get nearer. It's easy to contact a cacher buddy having placed a cache nearby and having a lot of logs which may be a guarantee that he becomes active teaming with you.


I would not recommend to start at N 33.20 Bagdad/Iraq. Chances may be low but South Africa could be an option for you. Don't like to spoil the fun so the rest is up to you.


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