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There are ammo boxes and there are ammo boxes, an ammo box in very good shape is going to cost more than one that is banged up and rusty. The price, to a degree depends on the condition of the box, also GPS city may be paying more for the boxes they are selling. With something like an ammo box (Being a surplus item) the price will very depending on who the supplier is. To call the price at surplus city a rip is out of line. Unless you have inside information regarding what they paid for the box. It appears you have no knowledge of how the surplus industry or the retail idustry functions. :huh:

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I just bought one that is in very good condition for $4. Went to the local surplus "store" to get it. My girls were dressed in princess dresses and we looked horribly out of place. The guys in the office got a big smile when we walked in and said "What can we do for you Your Highnesses?" I replied that we were there to outfit the royal army. :huh: LOL!


The can we got is not dented or scratched and the paint is still very green. The lid fits tight and it's just waiting to find a good location to go live. :huh:

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Locally in Houston, $3.99 for .30 cal amd $5.99 for .50 cal, in good condition.

.50 Cal new...$11.00


I wire brush them, then spray them with rustoelum dark green paint and then glue

camo burlap on. I also remove rubber seal (if possible) and then silicone it.

The camo makes it very difficult to find 10 feet away, except in the fall, when we lose a lot of leaves.

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$10 bucks in a town that has a surplus of these might be expensive but if your in a town and there the only supplier, well it might be a good deal then, If they can get the price and there market affords it, then good for them. Everyone can take the time to shop price what they want to buy.

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Around here the price depends on the size of the ammo box. In the local surplus store, the smallest ones are $4. They have several sizes up to huge ones that are about 3 feet long for more than $30.


Flea markets are a good place to shop for ammo boxes. You can sometimes find some good deals.

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Heh. 1st response. I win :huh:


Cheapest can you can get (unless you want to buy a pallet at surplus) is $5.99:



We get them in MI for $2.50 each (minimum quantity, 1).


One of our cachers here buys them local from the guy and brings them to events all over. It's almost a sig item for them :huh:


I don't think they do web sales though. Point being, if you're in MI, look up Team CoyChev. If not, check out local mom and pop operations.

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There are ammo boxes and there are ammo boxes, an ammo box in very good shape is going to cost more than one that is banged up and rusty


I pay the same no matter what the condition, but I've yet to see a bad one from Cheaperthandirt. A little rust here and there that can be addressed with a squirt of Rustoleum and some mud in a few, but that's it.


I recently ordered the six pack from Cheaperthandirt.com and with shipping ($7.99) it comes to $4.66 a piece. Not a bad deal at all.


These are the .30 caliber size.


Cheaperthandirt charges that shipping amount for orders up to 100 lbs, which is quite a few boxes, so if you buy in bulk it actually becomes cheaper. Sometimes I, or someone else in this area (northern NJ) will put in a big order and sell the excess to locals at cost.


My idea of a ripoff was when Rangersurplus.com raised the price on decon boxes from $1.20 to $3.99. This was shortly after they caught on among geocachers, so I bet they were trying to "cache in". They claimed their supplier was charging them more, but army surplus stores all over the country are still selling them for about a buck, so maybe they need to find a new supplier.

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