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Regular Free Week

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Did we determine a count or average to determine if your a regular or not?

I don't think a hard line was ever established by concencus. You are a regular though. :grin:


Deego, the challenge is forum wide, but some people are participating in Off Topic but staying out of the main forums. How you would participate is up to you.

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Looks like we are going to have some serious discussion happening in the South AFrica forum which I will NOT be able to abstain from.


Will NOT post to the 'regular' forums, but WILL be posting to my regional one!


Just thought you should know - I don't want to be slam-dunked!!!!! :D

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Let's start a short test to see if the regulars can stop posting in this thread.

I caaaaaan't!!!!! My name is Carleen and I am a forum addict........ :P

Hi Carleen. I'm an addict too :D

My caching partner yesterday pulled a coozie from the cache that read:

I'ma drunk not an alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings. :D:):D

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What time (and time zone) does the lockdown go into effect?


I've got a whole series of controversial questions, the definative answer as to why my way of playing this game is the right way to play this game, and a couple of troll-sock puppet accounts ready to go.


I just want to make sure I time things correctly :D

Yours of course. Man the paper work alone to track all the time zone and daylight savings time would remind me of elections in mother Russia and trying to run as the green party candidate in a communist election.

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Yours of course.

Mine? :D


Um, what I meant was ... in a feeble attempt at humor, I was asking (in jest) what time the regulars (who are participating) were going to stop posting so that I could post some teasers after the start of the experiment in an effort to draw the regulars back in.


I guess it wasn't really funny, since I had to explain it. Never mind! :D


But you did answer my question, so thanks, RK!

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I got introduced to the regular club at around 40.. :D RK said since I picked on regular (elitists) members that makes me one...... UGH> the nightmares that has brought me let me tell ya........ :D :D :) sad.gif

My 100 idea just doesnt cut it anymore.... :D


and cache test dummies. You have the same exact idea I did but I got banned by RK into the club, I think he was just scared at what I could come up with to post to bring them back in droves...... :D:D:P:):D:P:P:DB)B):):DB)B):D



disclaimor: dont miss the smilies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I posted in a different thread earlier today, then remembered that we were avoiding the forums this week. Then I discovered that the hiatus doesn't begin until tomorrow. I should post a postit on my monitor to remind me not to post this week. Pretty sad when you think about it.



Kinda like showing up to work on a Saturday.....and wondering where everyone else is.

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You only have 4 posts to go until you are officially a regular. Better make them count! :P  :D  :D

I don't feel regular :D

Eat more protein. :P

Only if you want get constipated! Eat more fiber. :D

Lots of protein does me in. :)


I eat a big prime rib steak, I'm guaranteed to condemn that part of the house.

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So are we going by local time or website time? By local, I have 1 hour to go.


Tryyyyyy to get by without me..... <_<

Run a pocket query and sort in GSAK for pika and hamster caches. Re-write the software if you find none. That will fill your time in the week off. :blink:

Naaaaa, there's PLENTY of other geocaching forums to go to.


Maybe I'll lurk the sandbox to see what kind of mud they're slinging over there. :blink:

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So are those know it all, sum-a-britches really not posting this week. :blink: heheheahhahaha


So as my avatar says, it will really be the blind leading the blind. <_<:blink:




OK, so the best thing to do when you find a cache is:


1) Open it with a pick axe

2) Just take it (no one will miss it)

3) Creat 3 or 4 new caches in the same area using the contents of the one you found

4) Move it to a new spot :huh:


ok, ok I am just trying to stir up some posts from the regulars.....


:blink: cheers,



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Note to the regulars who are not posting this week:


I just got the word, the experiment was a great success, but it is now over! Its ok for you to come back in. Seriously.


Just in time, too, because I need somebody to help me convert my coordinates from Celcius to Fahrenheit :blink:


No, really, please come back. All is forgiven.



Ok, then, stay away. See if we care! :blink:


(posting because I can, la-la-la! <_<)

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