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What Would You Ask Garmin


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Oh thats me


I use the GCXXXX number for waypoint names and of course they all start with GC . When I go to "find" a Geocache on my gps I have to enter the G and then the C which is a little annoying. since I'm both lazy and slow witted I just though it might make things a little quicker and easier if it was already filled in.

I use GSAK to give me "Smart Names" for the Geocaches. They are in alphabetical order by the name of the cache so I can look it up in my Palm.


GSAK also tells me the size and type of the container in the Geocaching "Smart Name." In the description part of my Vista C, I also have the difficulty rating for that cache.


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my top 10 reqests from Garmin that I would like to see in future software/firmware upgrades and/or models of GPSr (excluding the obvious increase in memory and infrared or bluetooth support)


1) larger note/comment field (so I can load more cache details into my GPSr) - I would ideally love support for all GPX file info, but could settle for larger length (e.g., > 200 characters) for note/comment field, EVEN if it means fewer total numbe of waypoints


2) user-selectable downloads from mapsource (e.g., for a big road trip let me skip a bunch (or all) of the POIs so that I can load more road coverage)


3) option to view more than 1 map data-set at a time - or failing that, configure some kind of prompt to make map switching (e.g., between Topo and CitySelect) easier - see this post for more info on what I mean http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=1712513


4) allow me to search the note/comment field. I want to use the GCXXXX format for the name field, and put a short-hand name and info like difficulty (via GSAK) in the note/comment field, but I cannot find a way to search the note/comment field (e.g., in the way you can search all points of interest using "Nearest containing").


5) icon-specific map view and zoom settings - so I can turn geocache icons "off", or slect the map scale at which they appear. currently I can set up such features for ALL waypoint icons, but not select ones like the treasure boxes.


6) an interface between GPSr and computer that allows me to directly change info on my GPSr from my computer (e.g., editing waypoint details), rather than having to make changes via a program on my computer and transferring it to my GPSr


7) When viewing the geocache list, have the note field show up at bottom (along with distance) so that I can see it as I scroll through the list (and not have to select and view each one individually)


8) user-selectable control of volume of “Tones” used during navigations


9) transparent text/data blocks on maps so I can see at least some info beneath the text telling me the next turn ahead.


10) some kind of basic text help file for most major “screens” – and the ability to turn them off over time as I learn all of the intricacies of the unit, and thereby recover that memory.

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After glancing through a few pages of this thread, I agree with many of the suggestions. There is one suggestion for a method to transfer data from a PDA, without mentioning any method. There is another response that recommends BlueTooth. I would recommend Infrared. Even most of the oldest Palm based PDAs has IR, while only the more recent expensive units support BT. Additionally, for BT to be active would impose a large power drain on both units, decreasing battery life significantly.


Another common request is for a SD card slot. This will be great if there is a sturdy dirt proof, water resistant cover on it.

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I haven't read through the thread - so this has probably been mentioned before.

On the handheld units that can also be used for Auto-Routing (Quest, Legend etc) I'd like a one button solution for changing multiple preference options - similar to profiles on a mobile phone.

Something like


Public Transport,

On Foot,


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so, um... just in case they really are lurking here ;)

in importance :

1. use open formats & protocols only. even though initially it might seem that a proprietary information exchange is a boost for the vendor, it is not something that customers want and ventually the vendor will lose.

not all customers will complain loudly, some will simply go to another vendor.

2. create opensource projects for gps and related software. maybe donate some software, provide initial developer power. if these things are correctly maintained (and that includes documentation, relations with community etc), a really great solutions can come out from them - which will lead to hardare sales. yes, this has a good chance at cannibalising their own proprietary software sales, but what happens if another gps manufacturer decides to go this path first ?

3. well, this is probably the least likely - but open code everywhere, including firmwares. yep, this probably could lead to damaged units in current implementations, but with some designing i'm sure this could be solved (emergency return to known good state or whatever).

currently most hardware vendors (this is not solely a gps unit problem) fix firmware problems in recent products. as soon as they have newer product, older one is basically abandoned. as i see it, it's mostly because of two factors - first, they focus on latest products and eternally supporting older ones just isn't feasible. second, not fixing issues that can be fixed with firmware could lead to more sales for latest products.

when there is a competition, being "the good guys" might result in much better customer satisfaction. community projects might take the units in new directions that add enormous value and increase the appeal of particular vendor units.


there are other benefits that could be exploited (community support, pr stunts etc), but i'm too lazy and stupid to expand on that.

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I would ask, no BEG for the new chip set in a basic GPSr like the GPS 60. I am a simpleton and don't want or need the color or the maps. I like the speed of th processor in my new 60 but would love to have it with the ability to keep a lock under a pine tree!!!! My old GPS 12 keeps a lock a little better than my new 60 does, no matter how I hold them. But the old 12 is just way to dang slow. If you stop it takes several steps for it to realize that you are moving, and you have to keep moving fairly quickly through the woods for it to continue navigating.

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I would like to see Sky View - Ie. Star Chart of the sky above you. Planets, Moon, Stars that you would see above your head, labeled. And and any events.

Id love too see the handheld models get XM radio weather! More weather options period.


EDIT: I've seen on some other using, the exact satview of garmin, but shows the location on the moon and the sun. That would be nice for even our current units.

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I have the 60CSx and I would like to be able to have the GPS Elevation as a selectable data field (in addition to the Barrometric Elevation reading).


I would like the 60CSx to be able to re-aquire a lock after loosing it (I'm sure Garmin is hard at work on this one).


How about asking for a 60CSVx where V would be voice promts with different voice settings and the ability to shut them off when needed.


I would like there mapping software to be able to be uploaded to ther GPSrs and vice versa. We need more competition.


I also like the idea of a star map.


But all in all I'm pretty happy with the 60CSx

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I sent an email to Garmin containing a link to this thread! Here is the reply:


Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to assist you

today. All of you have many great idea's on your forum and I will be glad to

forward this e-mail to our Product Development Team. The highest complement

a customer can give a company is to be concerned enough to offer suggestions

for improvement of a product. For this let me say on behalf of all of us

here at Garmin, Thank You!!!


Believe it or not, we do pass all suggestions on to our engineers for

consideration and in many cases incorporation into our products. While I can

not promise you that we will use them I can tell you that about 80% of the

suggestions we get are actually used in one way or another and are a very

big part of our product improvement program. If you have any further

questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at toll free



Again, thank you for your effort and concern for our products and have a

great day!


With as many suggestions for more/expandable memory, maybe they'll get the hint :lol:


I sent an email to Garmin, not about this forum but about another idea, and got the exact same response (minus the part about the forum thing). They probably have a standard response for that type of email. Jerks! But of course they did do some of the things that you guys suggested!

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