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Team Pitkis

Geocaching International Exchange Estonia-finland

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:rolleyes: International programs for exchanging students from one country to another is an old invention, but have anyone concidered the possibilities of extending this idea into geocaching?


This kind of arrangement can be quite easily get implemented between Estonia and Finland. The costs of transport are reasonable and it's possible to schedule a busy weekend geocaching in your neighbouring country.


The idea is that I'm prepared to put up a suggestion of bunch of caches in my home turf for my exchange partner to receive a similar courtesy myself later on. I could help arranging a economical trip to Tampere and host a searching trip according to the plan finalized in co-operation. I can offer my own knowledge of the caches to provide appropriate hints if absolutely necessary, transportation with my car and maybe some other services. That depends on what can be negotiated mutually.


On the other hand I'm willing to take my "team" to Estonia some day for similarly arranged caching trip.


Is this only wishful thinking or how do you feel about this kind of international co-operation?


Aki (in behalf of Team Pitkis)

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Great idea, Aki, and isn´t it funny, that we discussed the same idea the other night within our team. We were aiming a bit further (somewhere warm ;) ). but Estonia would be a great start!

We are absolutely in (if someone is interested in caching and spending a weekend with a family of five (ages 1 - 35 :huh: )



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I like the idea. On a very small scale I've even done that - well, not exchanging per se, but kind of hosting foreign caching guests anyway, and been invited to receive similar hospitality on the other end too. And I know this has been happening a lot around. I'd be in for that kind of activity for sure! :huh:

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