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Pics In Cache Logs?


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Yea or Ney?


I love to take pics of my finds.


I am eventually going to have them as part of a webpage/journal that I am designing of my adventures in Geocaching.


I also like to include at least one or two of them with my log when I can.


The stuffed toy possum that is my avatar is our team mascot.

So, we try to take a picture of him at the cache site and/or with the cache itself for each find.


One of the things I like to do is have the place where the cache has been hidden in the picture some where.


Mind you not a blatant "Here's the cache site" with him sitting on it, but maybe way in the background or at least in the very edge of the picture. (Which is what I did for a recent Micro lightpost find)


Where it's a inside joke to all that have found it already, but not a give away for someone that hasn't found it yet.


Would you find this offensive if I were to place them on your hide?


D-man :blink:

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I suppose that as long as common sense is used, it shouldn’t be a problem. There is a disclaimer on every cache page that states that the logs may include spoilers. If a cache owner tells you that they think one of your pictures gives too much away, simply remove the image.


One thing to keep in mind, however, is that images are added after the log has been submitted. The owner receives notification of the new log, but isn’t notified when there are accompanying images. Unless the owner reviews their cache page, they won’t even know that images have been posted. So, I think you should be careful (as it sounds like you are) not to post pictures that are complete spoilers.

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not to post pictures that are complete spoilers.

No Way!


That would just ruin the fun for the rest of the GC'ers :D

And I definately don't want to do that!! :D


I'd just like for them to go back after they find it and look at the pictures and have a Homer Simpson Moment! :P






I'd defiantely remove it if the hider asked me too.


That was one of the reasons for asking here, just to get a feeling from others if I may be stepping out of line.


D-man :D

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Since you'll be creating your own web page for your adventures, and to be fair to others, save the pictures of the cache site to your web page only. Then you can post the remaining pictures on the cache page without spoiling it for others.


The other issue is you might find cache hiders deleting your logs if you keep posting spoiler pictures on their cache pages.

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Pictures are my favorite part of logs for caches and travel bugs, followed by an intriguing story about the find/did-not-find.


I like your idea of being kind of subtle/clever about it.


Even so, it's not uncommon at all for spoiler pics to be part of logs (there are warnings on the cache page itself), and people often post spoilers labelled just as that. So your subtle method should be quite welcome, I would think.

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