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Availablity Of Film Canisters?

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Having moved all of our cameras over to digital, I of course find that I no longer have a supply of 35mm film canisters. I've had a good look on google.co.uk and ebay.co.uk with no success, so I was wondering if anyone has any idea where UK Geocachers may be able to buy empty 35mm or APS containers in whatever quanties were required?


Kind Regards,

Dave Passey

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Now that we have a collection of 35mm containers, here is a way that you can get free magnetic strips to attach to the containers. :)

First find an upright fridge or freezer that has been discarded. In the doors, in the plastic edge that you cut open you will find a brown strips of magnetic tape. Just pull it out. This can be cut to size and glued to your 35mm containers.

But I bet most of you knew this... :P

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I get my magnets from discarded computer hard drives, very powerful and quite small, and best of all FREE :D

I think we are talking 'Hundreds' of canisters. Where would I get that many shot harddrives to dismantle?

P.S. I saw another chucked out large fridge freezer this morning. I shall be stripping out the magnetic strips tomorrow.

4 mtrs of strip will supply quite a few canisters.

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You could try THESE as an alternative. They're the same diameter as a 35mm canister but about twice as long. Also the lid is attached so it can't get lost.

I get a product not found message - what is/was it that you were pointing us towards?

They were 120 size film containers. The same diameter as the 35mm jobbies but about twice as long and the lid was attached by a plastic hinge so it couldn't get lost. They were available in bags of 10 in exchange for a modest few of our English quids.

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