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think I have done all the caches in the Trenton "splotch". The really big empty spot under trenton is Fort Dix.  Think they would let us put some caches there  :unsure: ?

As a matter of fact, there was a cache in Fort Dix! I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little nervous driving through the gate and then searching for a cache in the woods across from a military housing area. I think that cache was archived a little later, and there haven't been any more in there since.

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I think the empty area northwest of Trenton is mostly Hunterdon County, but as you can see I am surrounded by blank areas! I think I have done all the caches in the Trenton "splotch". The really big empty spot under trenton is Fort Dix.  Think they would let us put some caches there  :unsure: ?

I believe those areas are US Government properties. Starting at McGuire AFB thru Fort Dix thru Lakehurst NAS and all the way north up to Earle NAS.

Just my guess. :unsure:

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We (Team CacheHound) are in Jersey City, Hudson County. Less than a mile from the Holland Tunnel. Not many finds, but have had a great time when we do. Toms River and Cape May are common stomping grounds, as is AC. There is precious little time that we all get to spend together.


Is there a "North" Jersey group? :ph34r:


Wet Knives

No, there does not seem to be an active North Jersey group per se, but we have sort of taken over this forum.

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Mercer County here.  ... it seems to be the zone with the lowest density of caches

That's not your imagination. That big open area north of Trenton on this map is Mercer County, no?

"Everybody knows this is nowhere"

The Splotch bounded by the southern end of Middlesex county, Western Monmouth and the northern border of Burlington is pretty bare cache-wise. Not that there aren't open place to hid a cache, there are several large WMA's and 75 acre parks without a cache.


I once started a place it and they will come campaign, but that didn't work out. It's one of the reasons I placed this "seeder" cache ... and miles to go before I sleep was to encourage people to place caches in the area (ie East Brunswick, North Brunswick, Monroe, Manalapan).

In fact this cache in Jamesburg was placed for RK Fill in that banks. This entire Topo Quad was void of caches.

The on good thing is that most of the space is still farms. This means I can get hours old Jersey tomatoes in the summer :ph34r:


Oh yeah, checking in.

Monmouth Junction.

Central Jersey!

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I'm in Delaware but I work in New Jersey and got in with the South Jersey Geocachers. I consider myself an quasi-official New Jersey geocacher. But its an awesome group and I am learning about the pines, which before this was just some trees to drive through to get to Cape May. I have learned its so much more than that. Bring on the chiggers!

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Which relative - I thought it was a family tree of the Morris and Essex family, when did you marry into the Jefferson's?  <_<

I watched plenty of episodes and I don't recall Helmut from the Jeffersons.

Helmut was the next door neighbor, Bentley's German cousin once removed. Or was it that Bentley had a helmet and removed it once? <_<

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Born in Sussex Township, Sussex County

Young childhood (age 2-10) in Willingboro, Burlington County

Through high school and college (age 10-22) in Piscataway, Middlesex County

Short stint (age 22-23) in S, Bruswick, Middlesex County

Long time resident (age 23-??) Hillsborough, in Somerset County



Now living in High Bridge, Hunterdon County and working on add more cache to this generally low density cache area.

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I was born in Vineland, NJ (Cumberland County) but now live in Highland Park, NJ (Middlesex County).


I agree with a few who have posted that North/South/Central NJ are more a state of mind but I consider the area I'm in now to be Central Jersey. Growing up I thought anything north of Trenton was North Jersey.


It may sound sappy but where else can you find this much variation in terrain, flora, fauna, population density, urban, suburban, rural, ocean meadows, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, swamps, you name it, we've got it. NJ Rocks.

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