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wow no south jersey here at all huh!!!!!

They don't bother us in the forums. ;)

Don't they (South Jersey Geocachers) have their own seperate forum/website?

I was patronizing a local Wawa in southern Jersey last week and they thought I was from another state?! :ph34r:

Go figure.

Yeah there's another site for South Jersey, but some of us are here too.. :-)

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And here I thought most native North Jerseyans considered "exit 98" (Route 195) to be the dividing line between North and South, regardless of the fact that it is actually located in Central Jersey. (Probably because the majority of North Jerseyans don't acknowledge the "sovereignty" of Central Jersey.)

Your wrong Bassoon Pilot. TRUE North Jersey begins on the northern bank of the Raritan River. South Jersey is somewhere down south, and Central Jersey is that area that the south thinks is the north and the north thinks is the south.


The true dividing line is in mentality. Living in the north, I know there is only one "The City". Having lived in the metro Philly region for a few years, I suspect that the south may have their own opinion of the what "The City" is.


I happen to live in Mahwah now, and have lived the vast majority of my life in Bergen County, but I may be living in Passaic County before the summer hits.

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As someone who has lived in Central Jersey and lives in South Jersey now, I see the differences between the north and the south. We are like 2 sometimes 3 different states.


When I was growing up, I was in a Youth Group that was made up of the state of NJ.. and being from the Lakewood area, we were considered South Jersey. Anything past Trenton was considered Philly.


Since going to College in South Jersey, I have a whole new understanding of NJ.

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Let's see: I was born in Ocean County, grew up in Monmouth County, went to college in Essex County and have lived and/or worked in Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Sussex, Warren, Atlantic and Cape May counties. That's 10 out of 21 counties in Jersey! Currently living in Atlantic County a few miles west of Atlantic City and working in Cape May.

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Originally from Newark, South Jersey was the Shore at Asbury Park. Sandy Hook/Keansburg was a nebulous area, but below the Bridge did seem to make it South Jersey/The Shore from what people would say.


So that sort of separation from the the Shore and South Jersey.


I guess a physical line for North/South could be rt195.


Moving down to Howell/Lakewood area definitly put me into South Jersey and close to the Shore (from the previous northern point of view). Still, Cape May being a long way (100miles) away.


Now by Cherry hill area, I find I am in the "Philly Area." I didn't even know there was another Area....


So, Lakewood/Howell is definitely a bit north from here, and Sandy Hook sure seems like North Jersey to me now. Cape May is still 100 miles away, and some call it the shore, some call it South Jersey.


Then there's the Bayshore. Man.... I bet there's even a North Cape May and a South Cape May?


Wonder what South Jersey is, from High Point state park, Flemmington?


However, most still feel the farest one can go and still be in New Jersey is Fortescue.


Been to High Point, Waywayanda, Palisades, Atlantic City, Cape May, and now looking at the Philly skyline. Its all New Jersey and its all pretty great.


South.. Well that's Delaware. Or is that Florida. <_<

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I'm in Burlington County now, the farest north I've ever lived.


I guess a physical line for North/South could be rt195.


I only heard about this "border" a few years ago. When I was a kid, growing up below the imaginary extension of the Mason-Dixon Line, we occasionally debated just where the border might be. Asbury Park was definitely North Jersey (not "the Shore"), Long Beach Island, being overrun by summer people from NY, was ceded to North Jersey, and Toms River was possibly South Jersey, depending on who you talked to. (I think the closer you lived to it, the more you wanted it to be in South Jersey, because that pushed the border further north, away from your home.) <_<


SJGeocaching.org has chosen to include all of Ocean County in South Jersey, mostly I guess because it's too difficult to explain to people from Lakewood why they aren't in South Jersey. (Yes, Tommyboy, I mean you!) :ph34r:


This is the first I've ever heard North Jerseyans make a distinction between "South Jersey" and "the Shore". Down here, we know that the shore is part of South Jersey. Although I heard a rumor that you all have a "Shore", too! :lol:

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[Then there's the Bayshore. Man....I bet there's even a North Cape May and a South Cape May?]


I grew up in the Bayshore (Hazlet). I lived in North Cape May for 2 1/2 years. It was an independent borough during World War II, but was later absorbed into Lower Township. As for South Cape May, it was destroyed by a hurricane in September 1944. In 1884-1885, a wooden, tin-sided elephant-shaped structure similar to Margate's Lucy was built there in order to attract buyers for lots in South Cape May. Named "The Light of Asia," it served as a real estate office for several years until it was torn down. The "cove" between the west end of Beach Drive in Cape May and Cape May Point State Park is the approximate location of the lost Borough of South Cape May.

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We (Team CacheHound) are in Jersey City, Hudson County. Less than a mile from the Holland Tunnel. Not many finds, but have had a great time when we do. Toms River and Cape May are common stomping grounds, as is AC. There is precious little time that we all get to spend together.


Is there a "North" Jersey group? :blink:


Wet Knives

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Packanack is from .............. Huh? oh yeah I keep on forgetting.


Area north of Trenton has the D&R Canal Feeder and Rail Trail, if you ever want to ride a great bike ride, go to Frenchtown, ride down to Bull's Island Cross the Bridge and ride the canal pathway back to Frenchtown.


There was a cache at Bull's Island which I believe was archived after the floods a few months back. Nice cache, nice little walk. Should be replaced imo.

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Mercer County here.  North, South?  I don't know, but it seems to be the zone with the lowest density of caches (or else I just did them all already  :unsure: )

That's not your imagination. That big open area north of Trenton on this map is Mercer County, no?



I think the empty area northwest of Trenton is mostly Hunterdon County, but as you can see I am surrounded by blank areas! I think I have done all the caches in the Trenton "splotch". The really big empty spot under trenton is Fort Dix. Think they would let us put some caches there :unsure: ?

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