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Converting UTM Coords to Lat/Long


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Under the Units setup there should be a UTM/UPS Position Format option.


Input the UTM coords direct (also requires the zone), the conversion to other grid formats will be automatic to what ever Position Format you select.


What bother converting them when you want to input them anyway.


Cheers, Kerry.


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Kerry's got the right idea. Why waste time converting them? One thing though. If the UTM coordinates were taken originally from a quad map with NAD27 Datum, make sure you set the GPS to NAD27 before you enter the UTM coordinates. After entering you switch back to WGS84 Datum and set the position to Lat/Lon and you'll have the conversion done automatically.



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Originally posted by vagabond:

,LOL love this................

Buy a Magellan meridian series, click on menu/click on setup/click on coord system/ click on primary.. there you are, utm or any lat lon you want icon_razz.gif

No need to buy another unit. The Garmin supports other datums (over 100 at last count) and input formats as well.


You didn't think only the Magellan could do this, did you?



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