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The First "no Members" Cache


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I didn't mean to imply that I was the only regular member he was locking out of his caches. All of us are locked out. Yet I'm quite certain that he has no problem seeking out regular members' caches. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

How is it hypocritical?


That is like saying it is hypocritical to use a Platinum Visa at Goodwill. "You Platinum guys oughta buy somewhere else this store is for the po'."


When one pays for a higher level of service, it comes with the expectation that the features of the lower level of service will be included still. it really WOULDN'T make sense any other way.


I guess you could compare it to the specious argument that since handicapped people have special parking spaces, it is somehow wrong for them to park in a non-handicapped space.


Can you cite even one instance ANYWHERE that paying extra for more privileges denies you access to the privileges enjoyed by those who pay less?


Silliest concept I have ever heard of.


is it perhaps just because a certain level of service is offered free, that people feel like it is somehow their RIGHT rather than a GIFT?


Maybe the non-paying members should be looking at their privileges, which are entirely adequate for them to enjoy the game for as long as the game exists, as the GIFT that it is.


The proper response when given a gift is to express gratitude to the GIVERS, not to complain that the gift is not adequate or not what was wanted.


Hey Vinny, thanks for resurrecting this... it is great study in human nature, especially the currently pervasive entitlement mentality. :laughing:

CC, thanks for saying all of this so well. And, as someone who feels that grace and appreciation are the groundwork and foundation of basic mental and emotional health and spiritual peace, I must particularly note the following sentence which appeared near the bottom of your post above:

"The proper response when given a gift is to express gratitude to the GIVERS, not to complain that the gift is not adequate or not what was wanted."


All that I can add to that is to say: Exactly!

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realistically, the website is not the reason for the sport...THE SPORT IS THE REASON FOR THE WEBSITE.

I can understand why you feel this way, and looking at the overall picture, this may be true, but for myself, this is not quite the case. I entered this ever so addicting game because of this website. There are other cache listing services out there, but this one is the only one I knew about when I first started playing. My wife told me about geocaching, and I initially blew it off. I mean, who the heck wants to walk around the woods hunting Tupperware? :laughing: A year later, she mentioned it again, so I googled it, and I was directed here. Because the website is so well designed, it compelled me to dig further, and to finally fire up my old GPSr and give it a shot. I was immediately hooked.


Since then, I've signed up with those other guys, and I think I can honestly say that, had I gone there first, I probably would not have decided to play this game. Not that their version of the game is any worse/better than this one, but this site is far more user friendly than theirs.


As an individual, the website is, (largely), the reason I play.


I pay for my PM for added features such as PQ's and map manipulation, not for the MOC caches.

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Dittos CR


Although I had my GPSr for other reasons anyway, I would definitely have lost interest QUICKLY if not for GC.


The overwhelming feature of the "other sites" when i first started was, very few caches and ALL of the ones I looked for were not there.


The other sites, at the time, were sparsely populated, poorly maintained, had very few features and did not have the "polish" and good web page design of GC.Com. To whatever extent this is STILL true of them, I can't say.


True, the sport will survive the demise of GC, but the sport will definitely SUFFER a great loss if this ever happens.


The game is the reason for GC, and GC is the reason for the game (as we know it).


MOCs are a lot like LPCs.


If you like LPCs, go find them.

If you want MOCs, pay the three bucks.


If you are tormented by the "mystery" of what's better about MOCs, this will clear it up for you: NOTHING- they are just another cache.


MOC does not indicate "special" or "cool". If you have not found any, you can go to bed tonight and rest easy in the assurance that you didn't miss anything.


If any premium member lets a fart, we'll stop it up in a bottle for you so you can enjoy it when you wake up. :laughing: (That is a paraphrase of a favourite expression of my mother-in-law reference the kids going to bed whilst the adults stayed up and talked.)

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