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Gps On Your Wrist?

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I saw this watch featured in a local mag. A little pricy, but kinda cool.


The Suunto X9 combines GPS functionality with an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer ... all these instruments, packed into a single watch. Yes, the watch is bigger than your average watch, but it's packed with lots of great features.


With the Suunto X9, you can plan routes at home with a map, and save them into your watch. When you're out in the field, your watch will advise you on which way to go, as well as tell you how fast you're moving, how far you've traveled, how far you still have to go, and when you'll be arriving at your destination. Mark a "home" position, and you'll be able to hit "find home" from anywhere and get the route and distance back.


In addition, you can go adventuring without a route in mind, and use the Suunto X9 to keep track of your position, speed and distance. It will record your route, which you can save for later analysis, or use immediately to find your way back. Whenever you locate a place of interest, such as a great fishing spot, a campsite, or a stunning view, it's easy to save the coordinates into your watch, naming the location whatever you'd like.

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Wow, that thing is the greatest. I want one... I do have a couple of concerns though.


One, they don't actually tell you what kind of battery life to expect.


Two, I'd love to see a unit that can operate at lower than -20 C.


Three, it seems like the software is proprietary -- not sure if it supports import/export from programs like OziExplorer, Fugawi... If it doesn't, it is useless.




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You could try calling Sunnto. I do not have the number handy. As fara as loading waypoints on the field, when I saw this at a trade in August as I recalll you could load waypoints in the field, While I do own another Suunto watch (Non GPS) and I really like there products I feel this one is to expensive. If you want a relly small GPS just get a Garmin forex, myself, I do not like really small GPS.

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If it's anything like the Casio GPS wach that came out a while back batery life is less than optimum shall we say.....


$700! :o


Gotta Getta Garmin.


Foretrex 101 all the way! Better GPS functions for about 1/7th the price.


Get a barometer/altitude watch for under $100


Get a good compas for under $100


Youv'e still got almost $400 left for some killer swag! ;)

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If it's anything like the Casio GPS wach that came out a while back batery life is less than optimum shall we say.....


Gotta Getta Garmin.


Foretrex 101 all the way!

To compare Suuto to Casio is nonsence, That would be like comparing Rolex to timex, Casio puts out low end products to appeal to the big box stores, Suunto puts out a high quality item to be sold in Top end specialty strores. The Suunto if you read to info is geared someone who wants to keep a training log, it is not geared to someone going on an back packing trip.

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I have to put in my 2cents on this one... I own a Suunto X9M/i and love it!! It's very easy to input waypoints on the fly without a computer, just like setting the time on a normal watch. As for the battery life, it will last 5 hours on a charge with your GPS constantly running, but several weeks on a charge if you put it on "manual activation mode" Plus, you can send away for the free solar recharger (with proof of purchase) which clips to your backpack and runs it without worry! :D

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