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Newbie In Stockton

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:wub: Hi, everyone! There was a great article in The Stockton Record on Sunday which got me right out hunting. I found 2 of the 4 that I hunted. Too much fun! I'm hooked already. :laughing: I even called a friend of mine and got him out hunting this morning (DrDean). Then this evening I drove over to Concord to attempt a FTF, but 3rd will have to do, I guess. Found 3 out of 4 more over there.


So here's my question: Why didn't I know about this before ?!?!?!


So do you CVCers get together and meet every now and then, or ???

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So here's my question: Why didn't I know about this before ?!?!?!

Welcome to all the new cachers. Where glad you've joined us. As it's been well pointed out, we chat on the Central Valley Cachers thread and look forward to you joining us there as well. Our next gathering is 1/21/05 where we'll be hunting Wait Until Dark and then everyone's going to watch me eat their pizza as I rome from table to table. You can read all about it on our thread and join us.


So the question was of why you didn't know about this before??? That's simple. You used to be a muggle. <_< WELCOME!! :unsure:

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4wheeler and I ran into craigvince, in believe it or not, in a downpour in Concord the other night. We then toured the town for some new caches. It was great meeting you.


By the way, please come back to Contra Costa county soon. The other guys that posted are coming to Alamo on 1/21 for a night time cache hike (GCG8QV: Wait Until Dark) followed by an event that I am hosting (GCME3G)

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