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Give Away: Monthly Premium Membership

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Okay I was just contacted by Milbank on this and all I can say is THANK YOU. Your pick though random was not wasted at all. I absolutely love this new hobby here.

This is just awesome to be a recipient of this. I never ever win anything and after finding this out I had to run out and buy a powerball ticket just in case I'm really lucky this week. Heck speaking of luck, and since I seem to have so much right now, anybody know any geocaching babes in Idaho that would like to geocache with a single premium member now? Man the oppurtinities this could open up?

On a serious note though, I dont know how to thank Millbank enough on coming up with this idea, and to Jelinidas and Wimseyguy for upping the ante to years membership. Wow, to give away to just a stranger out of the blue on the internet is just unbelievable, and to be the recipient of this is just a great feeling.

Such graciousness in ones life is never forgotten. I hope to be able to pass this along some day. I wont let this feeling stop with me..


Thank you so much again...........


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