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I Heard A Good Thing About The Vista C Today

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A fellow of mine at work just sold his Legend and bought a Vista C. He says the reception is much better.


On his Legend, he complained that he lost satellite reception while riding dirtbikes in the desert. (with the GPS in his chest pocket on his jacket) I told him that I didn't think the Vista C would help any, as I believe it has the same antenna.


He said that it gives him much better reception, as he can pick up satellites while in the bathroom. :huh:


For whatever its worth!

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Actually, I made comment about this last summer when I bought my Vista C. Not only does it have noticably better sensitivity than the old eTrex series did when compared side by side, it's also less sensitive about orientation than the B/W ones are. More importantly however, they seem to have fixed the quirk the older units had when they lost reception of not being able to quickly regain a lock when the reception conditions improved. The old eTrex series seemed to go into a global search after a couple minutes, kind of like a cold start. The new color units don't appear to do that, and regain reception almost immediately when the conditions allow.


As for comparisons against other units, the color units are quite comperable now in tree cover to the 60 series, but seem to have given up a little bit of track accuracy in the process. They now behave more like the quad antenna units in steep canyons etc. You win some, you loose some I guess.....

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Okay, Amazon lists the Legend C for $349, yet $379 for the Vista C.  Is the extra stuff worth it?  I know my Dad would really use the Legend I have a lot - he is an avid bicyclist (and in better shape than I am, when it comes right down to it).


Opinions, please?  Thanks! :o



I bought my 60C for like $380 over a year ago!


Indeed, TIGERGPS.com is selling the 60C for $352 (plus shipping) - (gotta put it in your cart to see the true price).


See these other links for other possible places to shop too:

Buying A New Legend C Or Vista C, Looking for a great price

Cheapest Place To Get A Garmin 60cs?, Any ideas?

Has Anyone Ever Dealt With Getagps.com, mapsend topo


Now that you've had your Legend for a while, do you feel like you can do without the compass and altimeter? If so, then it ain't worth it to spend the extra money. If you've ever heard yourself say, "I wish I had a compass," then it might be worth considering.

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Opinions, please?  Thanks! <_<

I've said this before, the electronic compass is worth the extra few bucks from the legend to the vista. I assume the same will be true for the C versions as well.


The compass in the vista is not a replacement for an old fashioned compass when you are in the wild, but when you are under tree cover in a city park hunting for tupperware, it comes in handy. I have a Vista and I have multiple GPSes without the built in compass and when I get to the last 75 feet or so, the compass is really nice to have. No drunken bee dance with the vista.


Oh, and the vista C is $329 at GPSDiscount.com


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I have bought a Vista C too.


The major point for me was that the unit can auto-route. Ideal for our longer cycle rides in the small, windy lanes of rural England where you can lose your way in a instant.


The snag is - you have to use either "City Select" or "City Navigator" to get this functionality. Fine if, like me, you already have the software with an unused "unlock".

These hi-end software packages have two "unlocks" available at purchase. When you unlock the software, it is keyed to the internal electronic serial number of your GPS unit.


My City Navigator software came integral with our Streetpilot 3, bought for use in the car.


If you have to make a standalone purchase, you will find these software packages are very expensive - it will take the edge off of buying the new, attractively priced Legend C or Vista C.

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