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Why The 'handles'?

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I wanted to be simply Paul, but then somehow that didn't work/look right - maybe someone already was using it? I don't remember- so I decided on being Simply Paul, as I'm simply Paul. But, by becoming Simply Paul, I was no longer simply Paul, although I was. And so on. I liked the paradoxical nature of the name, I suppose.



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I wanted to be chippy, but it was gone, so, given I had no idea how much this dadgum obsession would take over my life, I just used my surname. I did TRY to change to chippy² but everyone in this neck of the woods got confused to I changed back. Unofrtunaty I laid a cache in the North East as chippy² so everyone up there got confused when I changed back!

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When we joined the asylum, we wanted a handle the reflected Bedfordshire.


The only thing we could think of was the Bedfordshire Clanger, but that is a suet pudding!!!


So thinking about it there are the "Clangers", small "people" who whistle a lot!!


That was it, Beds Clangers, not a bunch of suet puddings, a bunch of whistling idiots!!


But, as with all handles, a small problem:-


Mummy Clanger, has bad knees, cannot cache anymore B)


Daughter Clanger, has gone to Uni :D


Son Clanger, has turned 15 and thinks caching is for "old people!!" :D


Daddy Clanger (Nick), still caching on his own!!!! B)

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I found my first cache kind of by accident, and hadn't done much surfing around the GC.com website. At that first cache, and the next few that I visted, most of the names that I saw in the log books were fairly mundane, hence I signed the log with a suitably mundane moniker.


In hindsight, I wish I'd gone for something a bit more creative, I haven't gotten around to changing it for fear that it'd wipe out any finds already logged by me.

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You can change it - I changed mine from Simesh about 3 nano seconds after loggin my first find as we changed the name before we logged in the log book. Logged on GC.com then though 'darn it need to change name here too' and it kept the find.


I think Rutson changed his twice when he had plenty of finds under his belt so go for it :huh:

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Thirtyfootscrew has been my general internet handle for ages now, from my website to ebay, to seti@home to Xbox Live so it made perfect sense to use the same handle everywhere I go.


It's not that I want to hide my identity from you guys, I just want to hide it from 'them', you know - 'THEM'. Not that I'm paranoid or anything. Am I? You don't think I'm paranoid do you?

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We are Nellies Knackers as Nelson is the dog we have had for 13+ years, Nelson came from Wood green animal shelter so was pre-sniped (but no-one told him), so pub quiz team name has been Nellies Knackers ever since so it had to be the same here.

I originally registered as Pinguman due to setting a penguin hitch-hiker off to a cacheing adventure but as it's two of us doing the hunting it had to be changed for a 'team' name.

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Clarets0, or Clarets nil. Burnley FC fan (hence Clarets for the non-football followers) who has the misfortune to work with blackburn <spit> fans. Clarets nil is just one of the many things these dispicable creatures (blackburn <spit> fans) have called us but hey, we can take take it....... and laugh at it!!

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Fat, bald, middle aged man still clinging onto my memories of being a skateboarding god (very modest) in the seventies :D

My non boarding mates started calling me Skate so it stuck as a handle whenever needed. Only time I couldn't use it was in my C.B.ing days as there was already one so I was cheapskate, which seems more apt as I'm a yellow etrex and paper man whose computer runs on win 98! B)

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I like to spend my holidays in Turkey.. B)  B)


So my great assumption that you worked for Bernard Matthews is abit wide of the mark then! B):DB)



Personally I couldn't think of any handles that suited me that weren't already taken. My favourite (Madcow) is a cacher in the USA, so JackieC it is. :D



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I just thought using a handle was the done thing, having been introduced to it by my brother Moon-Watcher (not his real name!).


Besides, it paints a slightly more realistic picture of me than "Gordon" ever could.


And for the same birthday that my wife gave me a GPSr, my daughter gave me some socks, which I subsequently scanned for my picture. ;)

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Dysdera refers to Dysdera Crocata which is a nasty little spider that eats woodlice. I used to paly with them as a kid, and like Pharisee I was looking for a hotmail handle and this one worked. I must admit, at meetings etc it does sound a little silly to be called dysdera, but then thats all part of the game.......................isnt it??

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Thirtyfootscrew has been my general internet handle for ages now, from my website to ebay, to seti@home to Xbox Live so it made perfect sense to use the same handle everywhere I go.


It's not that I want to hide my identity from you guys, I just want to hide it from 'them', you know - 'THEM'. Not that I'm paranoid or anything. Am I? You don't think I'm paranoid do you?


It's not Paranoia if they're really after you....



My handle used to be NVPIV. If you invert this, you get my name, Aidan. This was all well and good, but no bu&&er good pronounce it (neither could I, for that matter.)


As we're Kiwi's now caching in the UK, thought CuplaKiwi's was appropriate. Might keep it when we go home, but then might not :blink:

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I Originally used my nick name Sparks on Forums and online communities but it appeared I wasn't the only Mark to have a Spark related nickname, so one dark evening about 2 years ago , my wife and I tried to think of a funny or catchy website name after several hours of " name already in use" we came up with CrazyCucumber.com and from that moment on I would be known as Crazycucumber all over the web !


( nb can be embarrasing when giving out your e-mail address to companies !!!)


Thank you


Mark, Zoe and Jack

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That desperate was i to sign up for my NEW hobby/pastime/sport i had to do it NOW!!! But every name i had in mind had been claimed so i went along with something of a treasure type theme....

No one had pieces_of_8 so it was now mine :P


Too many underscores and too long :o


But individual :P .


Mart or in full (really) Martin

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My handle is quite simplistic - Klaus is my first name.

The number 23 has a deeper meaning...


I am (for 5 1/2 more months) aged 23

I was born on the 23rd June.

It's my lucky number.


And (as Basketball is one of my other pasttimes - I used to play at Regional League level and got Schoolboy Caps for Ireland) it's the jersey number of one of my great heroes:


Step up, Michael Jordan.

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I usually use ITBloke666 after my time in IT support when my employer gave me some poncey title for the job I was doing. Being a down to earth person I started signing all of my letters IT Bloke which stuck. 666 was just to let people know that there is a devilish side to me, not because I worship the Dark One!


I decided on something new when I came into geocaching, and having just moved to Shetland, and seeing how few people have any real idea of how far away this place is from civilisation and proper shops, (a 12 hour ferry ride north from Aberdeen), I thought that incorporating the line of latitude in there would be good. I am also not particularly keen on people knowing who I really am.


Also secrecy has always been part of my job. I spent a number of years in the SAS and everything was very hush hush. Oh, that's Sams Anvil Shop by the way , not the Special Air Service! Quite why our anvils were so secret god only knows.


Take care



dadgum, that's blown the secret! :D:unsure:

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'68 Guns' as any self respecting Eighties music fan will know was a hit for the Alarm, reaching no 17 in 1983. I'm a lifelong fan of the band so it seemed perfect when i was deciding on a username. Hence also the avatar.

Saw 'em at Wembly in December, backing up Quo.

They don't do bad for a bunch of OFs and yes, of course they played 68 Guns :D:D

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