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Lots Of Uk Geocaching Resources

Wood Smoke

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Hi All,


Just a reminder for the oldies and a pointer for the newbies of all the resources available free to use here.


As well as the forums and the live chatroom.


There is also the stats pages which include the absolutely wonderfull interactive map, if you've not tried it, then now is the time (remember to click 'NO' if the alert pops up while it's loading).


Don't forget the cache search which can be done from your Postcode.


After searching you can also download the waypoints in various formats to suit lots of mapping/gps applications.


An all this for free :-)


Please remember it takes about 24 hours to update the stats so you have to be patient for new caches and your last finds to be shown.


If you are a newbie then you have to have found a cache and wait for it to be shown on G:UK before it will recognise your stats.


Lets hope you all use these resources as alot of work has gone in to them, and is still going on, to make them available for the UK community.



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A top tip for this brilliant website.


When you use the interactive map, use the advanced features page and stipulate a radius from your postcode or town, say 25 miles or whatever.


This makes the download really speedy. Especially useful if your connection is a bit ploddy.


For fun, really zoom in on Portsmouth and Southsea. No, REALLY zoom in. You'll see some of Woodsmoke's handiwork


Also, equally interesting is Trigpointing.co.uk


Good luck

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<<absolutely wonderfull interactive map, >>


We're definitely missing something here.. Have tried the map on several occasions and when we zoom in we eventually end up with a blank box with one blue dot in the middle. If we opt to "show" towns we simply get a couple of the really big ones. No roads or any other map features show up so it's pretty useless the way we're using it.


Where are we going wrong please?

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No roads or any other map features show up so it's pretty useless the way we're using it.

Well, hopefully it will give you at least a vague idea of where the caches are.


There is a new map in development which shows major roads, motorways and built-up areas. Again - don't expect "streetmap with cache icons", but it should be OK for planning a day's caching trip.

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The interactive map (can include trigpoints) is very useful for identifying clusters of caches/trigs. It means with little effort you can identify a bunch to bag in one journey and then get down to the details.


I suppose it is fantastic if you compare it with a list on GC.com, but I concede there are more detailed ways of working things


You can click on a dot and it will link up to the GC cache page.


Cor - I'm getting motivated again after an uninterested spell.

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