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Mid-winter Wv/ky/oh Caching Event?

WV Muddy Boots

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While hunting Bluet’s new New Years Cache, we started talking about a possible mid-winter get-together event for all the new and seasoned cachers to stay in touch during the “colder season of low caching”. We were thinking somewhere in the Huntington area where possibly some of the local cachers from Ohio and Kentucky could join us.


Looking to see if there is any interest or suggestions on what to do? One thought was to meet at one of the local Chinese Buffets for lunch. One possible date would be Feb 19th? Nothing is confirmed at this time, just putting out some feelers to see if there is any interest.


Please post or email me with your comments!


Best regards –

– Puter –

Team BattleCache

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So do we have a consensus? If we plan it later than mid March an indoor get together seems silly. Maybe we should get a shelter at Kanawha State Forest. I suggest we plan something for a Sunday to include ELI who is one of our most active cachers but gets left out of Saturday todos. Also at this point I've committed to at least three Saturdays in Feb and I think two in March as well as two Sundays in Feb and I really wanted to be there! :rolleyes: By the way, MITW the buffet has knockwurst and peel and eat shrimp not to mention a salad bar. :(

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