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Benchmark At Geographical Center

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Where is RogBarn when we need him? He knows where to find that info. Seems like we have read something about this in this forum somewhere...


Can someone Markwell this for rbezell?

I don't know. What ever happened to him???


I'm still here. But it seems you've done well without me. :rolleyes:

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The 'geographic center' has the large stone monument and plaque and I have been there a few times while passing through Kansas. There is a huge amount of disinformation on the net confusing this with Meades Ranch. The two have virtually nothing to do with each other. The incription on the brass plaque shows a diagram of a tie to a control point from which it was positioned after it's location was computed., I have a few slides of it somewhere.


The following link shows the monument and the plaque, and is typical of sites that come close to associating it incorrectly with Meades Ranch. I see that if you read it carefully it shows the geographic center point but discusses the other as "a few miles away".




Here is another:




Lots of pictures...


Apparently some work was done to compute one for North America not just the U.S.


North America..


There may be a recomputed site for U.S. after Alaska and Hawaii were added...


- jlw

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